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Freeze Damage Part 6- More Cacti and Succulents

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Featured: Golden Barrel Cactus, Haystack Cactus, South American Barrel Cactus. Jeff cuts open a South American Barrel Cactus to expose the rot inside and determine if the plant can be saved...

Growing Cacti & Succulents at home using Osmocote Professional Cacti & Succulents Mix

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Cacti and Succulents are extremely popular although one of the complaints that people have is that they often rot and die. This is due to the fact that they require a specialized potting mix...

Unboxing SUCCULENTS & CACTI 🌵 www.growsomething.ca

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Hi Plant Friends :) I hope everyone had a great end of your summer. 💚 This succulent and cacti haul I filmed in August and as you can see I am a little late on the upload 😜 I...

CACTI AND SUCCULENTS for beginners – INTRODUCTION | Difference between cactus and succulents

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Today we shall start a new series of videos grouped into a playlist called All about Succulents. And In the first video of this series will look into Introduction to Succulents and Cacti, th...

Let’s Draw! Cacti + Succulents

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Over the next few weeks I'll be answering all your illustration questions and requests in video tutorial format. Starting this week with cacti and succulents! We'll draw some cute little pla...

Watering Cacti 101 – Tips on how you should be watering cacti and succulents!

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1. Water only during growing season (for most cacti that means when its hot) 2. Water DEEPLY until water runs out of the pot 3. Wait for soil to dry out completely before watering again ...

Growing Hardy Agaves! + Winter Protection For Hardy Agaves, Cactus & Succulents

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Twitter- @tropicalplantjc insta- Tropicalplantparty Snapchat- Tropplantparty Going over some basic care guide info on growing hardy agaves! How to grow hardy agaves and other cactus in succ...


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Learn how to draw four different Cacti / Succulents using watercolors and colored pencils. Instagram: @thosepencilshavings // @jess_elf Video Rating: / 5


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Hi Plant Friends. :) In this video we are going to head outside for Part #2 of my June 2018 Succulents & Cacti Plant Tour. This video includes only about half of my tender (non cold hardy) s...

Bringing in our Cacti & Succulents for overwintering Part 2 – VLOG

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#cactus #succulents #cactiandsucculents Hi Guys :-D This is Part 2 of my overwintering Cacti & Succulents Vlog where I bring the plants that are not cold hardy back into the house for the Wi...

Haul! Rare Succulents from Cacti/Succulent Society San Francisco and Walmart

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Great haul of rare succulents from the Cacti/Succulent Society in San Francisco and also Walmart in Vallejo! Moisture Meter -https://amzn.to/2yisu2w Forceps -https://amzn.to/2JMciHY Vide...

Re arranging Cacti & Succulents in the Polytunnel – VLOG

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Hi Guys :-D I had a fun and busy Sunday re arranging some of my Cacti and Succulents in the polytunnel and share my day arranging the plants with you :-D ★ Check out my website http://www.d...


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Hi everyone! I'm back today with another house plant haul for you. This time it's Cacti & succulents I got from the market. I'm going to keep the cactus indoors but think I'm going to plant ...

UNUSUAL BIZZARE PLANTS [ HD ] Cacti & Succulents

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Bizzare, unusual, unique, alien-like organisms which peacefully, quietly photosynthesise and grow, give life giving oxygen & transform dirt into leaves, fruits and flowers. These are some ...

Cactus and Succulents Beginners care | Cactus mania

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Beginners care for cactus and succulent plants Subscribe for more updates... Follow on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ANZAR148 Video Rating: / 5