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Aquaponics- a documentary of survival by Doordharshan

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DD Malayalam created documentary on Aquaponics- a documentary of survival by Doordharshan

3 Tasty Desert Plants: Tips from Southwest Survival

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The Sonoran Desert is full of edible plants. Here's three tasty options. Video Rating: / 5

Extreme Primitive Desert Survival

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The desert is one the most hostile environments to exist in due to the scarcity of water. The plants and animals of the desert are adapted to such harsh conditions and for man to exist in th...


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Jimmy Survival makes his way out to the deserts of Arizona to teach you how to survive Video Rating: / 5

Survival Desert Sugar Water -Yucca Juice-

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To Survive in the Desert, you'll want to know this refreshing Trick! Sweet refreshing juice from the drying flower stalk of the Yucca is a treat that few know about. Give this pro desert s...

Extreme Survival Arizona Desert Documentary

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Ray journeys to the dry, thorny terrain of the Arizona desert to find the setting where the US cavalry fought Geronimo and his Apache warriors. Video Rating: / 5

Desert Survival Food: Ocotillo Tea

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Today we take a look at a beautiful deseert plant, the ocotillo(Fouquieria splendens), and discuss its ability to make a calming tea from its bright red flowers. This tea is said to help all...

Extreme Survival Season 1 Episode 5 The Arizona Desert

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Video Rating: / 5

Lakeside Montessori School Jungle Survival b

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Video Rating: / 5

Ray Mears Extreme Survival S01E05 The Arizona Desert

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Ray Mears Video Rating: / 5

Wild Edible Plants Mojave Yucca, Wilderness Survival

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Martin Survival discusses another wild edible plant called Mojave Yucca, the flowers are very bitter when consumed raw. When cooked or roasted the leaves are very tasty to say the least. If...

Desert Survival Food: Prickly Pear Cactus

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I remove, process and roast one of the most abundant foods that can be found in the american southwest. Rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants, it makes an excellent survival f...

Guns & Gardens Episode 2 – Zombie Apocalypse Desert Survival .2

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Guns & Gardens is the last and only reality show broadcasting from the zombie apocalypse. From our secret fortified bunker somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area or from along the road in ...


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NBC News Arizona Desert Survival Course in 2000

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NBC News AZ Sonoran Desert Survival Skills Video Rating: / 5