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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Tall fescue heat stress and one way to manage it. One of the ways I keep my talle fescue green and thick during drought and heat stress is I do not mow the lawn. I stay off of it as much as possible. Video Rating: / 5


  • William Richard 2 years ago

    Hey Pete, thanks for all your videos and knowledge. I recently purchased your gci fescue grass seed. I need to buy a sprinkler. I have read reviews on most of them and want your advice on deciding. I have a 4,000 sq.ft lawn.

  • Jeff Borkowski 2 years ago

    after not mowing for ~4 weeks and allowing the turf to grow to ~7", when you do get back to mowing, do you still side discharge? or is it essential to bag/collect the clippings at that point?

  • wibby rothrock 2 years ago

    From Winston Salem NC. Glad to see your videos

  • P. Ganley 2 years ago

    Right to the point, great video. Tired of the dog and pony shows in other videos, you are the first subscription i'm making. Thanks

  • Matt Paul 2 years ago

    pete i have been over seeding witha rye, tall fescue, bluegrass mix for my northern lawn. i am nervous that there are some taller bladed areas and fear i have quackgrass. but after looking at your tall fescue it looks pretty much like what i have. how do you tell the difference between quackgrass and tall fescue?

  • Ben Harrison 2 years ago

    Pete, I was impressed! I've never seen anyone discuss the anatomy of a grass plant and how it works. While you were describing how the plant would drain the nutrients from a blade to keep the crown alive until the blade dies reminded me of how, in cold weather for instance, the human body will drain the nutrients and heat from the arms and legs in order to keep the body core alive. Those body limbs may need to be sacrificed to keep the body's core alive as long as possible. Other than the human body not being able to regenerate arms and legs like a grass plant regenerates its blades, it's the same principle. Science is fascinating!

    Pete, I'm not sure what the laws are where you live, but some cities have ordinances that restricts how tall your grass can be before you get a citation. Some of your blades measured 7". Where I live the max height allowable is 8". The city does this so that there will not be overgrown, unkept looking yards. To do what you are having to do in that heat, I guess, is I would need to start watering the grass when it got to 6-7" so I would not stress the grass when I had to cut it in order to stay compliant with the city's ordinances. It may be less restrictive where you live.

    Anyway, Pete, great video on the science of the grass plant! Thank you!

  • Key Wizard 2 years ago

    Does tall fescue turn brown during summer when they go dormant?thanks

  • Bob Haddock 2 years ago

    my understanding of fescue is the root sys will grow down 5 ft……don't know how long that takes ?

  • sundogtune 2 years ago

    just seeded my yard ( its an acre ) no sprinkler system just a tripod w/ brass head. i bought what i hope is GOOD SEED!! its bladerunner II, nightcrawler and corona blend. a-list certified ( and blue tag, plus aqua maxx treated). i live richmond,va. not to far away. does this seem like a good mix ? it was an overseed of tall fescue blends(many). i put down 160 pounds. i aint rich, all i could afford, 400 bucks for that, and aerated before, and put dowm lime 1 weeks before, starter fertilizer when seeded. does that sound like i did it right? was followinf your vids.

  • 4catsnow 2 years ago

    That was a great tutorial and it answered a lot of questions…we have kentucky bluegrass, no shade, at just a merciless angle for the sun….noticed grass blades totally straw colored….driving us nuts…..

  • Powerbypoole 2 years ago

    Nice looking place Pete! My Falcon fescue yard is looking really good right now But I worried about the hot dry weeks to come here in Salisbury NC. I currently mow at 4" mower will go to 5" max

  • Happy Man 2 years ago

    So I see no brown patch which I'm experiencing with my TTTF. I do mow at highest level and put down Scotts fungus control, but still get brown patch on 8 month old lawn. I will not mow again and see what happens here in TN. Thanks!

  • Rooster 2 years ago

    Not too many mowers can be set as high as or higher than 5" without modification such as taller wheels or brackets. Mine maxes out at just under 4" Might have to do some shopping for a taller one. Another over looked aid against heat stress is to only mow with VERY sharp blades.

  • GCI Turf Services 2 years ago

    You can try but I'm not a fan of fine fescue. I'd stay with TTTF or Bermuda

  • Tomtom9401 2 years ago

    Thanks! I live in Greensboro too! Small world haha. I'm still new to the grass scene, but I was wondering if you think its possible to maintain a fine fescue lawn that would get lots of sun in our piedmont area?

  • Hump84 2 years ago

    Great video with a nice basic 101 on why to do the things you're doing. Thanks for posting this.

  • Charles Ham 2 years ago

    Thats where I failed, I didnt stay off of it this summer. What blend is your yard? I'm in Raleigh so same issues.

  • Innocent bystander 2 years ago

    Nice work, Pete. Good summertime info for anyone with a tall fescue lawn. Much the same as I care for mine, only I've irrigation so can keep mine shorter, about 4-5".

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