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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Thanks for watching Israel Agriculture Technology Israel Agriculture technologies – Farm Industry News Click Here: Subscribe to watch more: Creating Water in the Atacama Desert – Creating Water Foundation Documentary. Capturing water from the fog and producing food on the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert, Peru. This water has two purposes: clean drinking water and to grow food. Water from the fog – Clean drinking water – organic agriculture – Biochar – clean energy. Creating Water Foundation – Tacna Project, Peru Creating Water Foundation: Do not re-up Email : Video Rating: / 5


  • DJ Jordan 1 year ago

    The guy is speaking Spanish in Israel?

  • diamencik1 1 year ago

    At Peru people have this fog nets long time ago

  • Sam Mexco 1 year ago

    Ese que tienen que venir desde Israel para explicarles para captar las nieblas humedas? Dejate de joder


    Shalom from iran

  • Jun Navarro 1 year ago

    You are one of a kind helping fellow people Long live

  • antonio ticona 1 year ago

    Es muy bueno el proyecto social enseñar a las personas que no saben, saludos..

  • life zone 1 year ago

    it is good but israil killing the innocent people of plastin

  • Overhaul Kai Chisaki 1 year ago

    maybe the problem is in the amount of people (thete is too many)

  • Wang Guzhen 1 year ago

    Hi what is your website? I want to know more about harvesting water in desert.

  • Dont Carmichael 1 year ago


  • Hassan Shah 1 year ago

    Let's find a dessert with fog 1st…

  • Hassan Shah 1 year ago

    Respect and love from Pakistan.

  • young man 1 year ago

    Israhel trying to credit for the Dutch guy's work. Shame

  • Zak ZMCase 1 year ago

    zionism is nazism – Israelis are murders and thieves

  • Sherpa Tashi Tshiring 1 year ago

    This is very old technology in country called Nepal …it has very old story about collecting water from morning cold wind and fug…it’s good way with out any camecical…and sound and air pollutation…but you should use Cotten cloth for it is best so you can collect more water …because cotton avsorve more water then any other material…which is very natural…

  • Penden Sona 1 year ago

    Can i get any contact of water creating foundation??? How this fog nets are made??? Plzzzz help us our contry is dying because of desertification

  • Graham Bird 1 year ago

    Your government cant help you because it needs the money for mercedes benze's, expensive holidays, high class prostitutes and their secret retirements !

  • Jeff Caligari 1 year ago

    You know when they water plants they grow. Same with people and their habits. Are they going to become loggers or conservationists after they get their water?
    You are doing it for them? What are they doing meanwhile? Complaining theres no water or helping?
    3 people change a nation, imagine an army. Yeah fuck you america. Go preach Psycho all you want now.

  • Cadet Henderson 1 year ago

    Proud of you. Maybe I can help.

  • Desmond Bagley 1 year ago

    ………..Dave Attenborough showed in one of his documentaries a beetle in western region of Sahara Desert that raises it's feathery hind legs when fog comes in so as to catch water…..this would be a better video If it was pruned down to 3 minutes… Thumbs down……in description they mention Atacama Desert is driest place on earth,. If there's fog then it ain't t so dry…Precipitation is a differ matter.

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