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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Here it is! Another Teletubbies full episode from the classic series called ‘Drawing Cacti” – Series 1, Episode 24. We’ve remastered the video in HD – enjoy! Po feels like having some Tubby Custard. The Teletubbies watch some children visiting a conservatory and drawing cacti. Tinky Winky goes for a walk. Five birds appear in Teletubbyland and the Teletubbies dance round the flowers. ► Click to subscribe: ★☆★☆ WATCH more Teletubbies in the US! ★☆★☆ Visit our website! Follow us for all the latest Teletubby news! ► Facebook ► Twitter Experience the Teletubbies like never before! Join Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po as they laugh, dance, and explore the magical world of Teletubbyland. The Teletubbies’ colourful appearance and playful antics make them especially appealing to pre-schoolers. With the Teletubbies’ help, children in early developmental stages will familiarize themselves with day-to-day basics as well as gain exposure to different cultures and activities. Now in full HD! ✩ Tinky Winky ✩ Tinky Winky is the first Teletubby. He is the largest of the Teletubbies and has a triangular antenna on his head. He is notable for his magic bag and is purple. ✩ Dipsy ✩ Dipsy is the second Teletubby. He is lime green and is named “Dipsy” because his antenna resembles a dipstick. He likes his black and white furry top hat, which he once lost. Laa-Laa found it, but instead of simply returning Dipsy’s hat to the stricken Dipsy, she ran around it for about ten minutes shouting “Dipsy Hat! Dipsy Hat!”. He is the most stubborn of the Teletubbies, and will sometimes refuse to go along with the other Teletubbies’ group opinion. ✩ Laa-Laa ✩ Laa-Laa is the third Teletubby. She is sunflower yellow, and has a curly […]


  • Dwaynefun GAMING 4 years ago

    I love Teletubbies

  • Idham Gamers 4 years ago

    is this program creepy?

  • Ocean Rose 4 years ago

    omg only watched this creepy video on a dumb dare

  • Adriana Gonzalez Mendoza 4 years ago

    i used to whach this epesoids when i was a kid

  • Louise Lockwood 4 years ago

    this is gross

  • A perder el tiempo 4 years ago


  • POTDAD Smackfad (Demon King) 4 years ago

    How can people not love Teletubbies

  • Clarice Limon 4 years ago

    I love po the red one because she cute,little and she funny.

  • Douglas McDade 4 years ago

    Would I be considered a part of the generation that actually adored this show? I was born in 2002, so…

  • Emma Downing 4 years ago

    I used to watch this all the time when I was a kid. I loved the green one the best. <3

  • Amaya Pacciani 4 years ago

    Just sayin the birds were not on the tree but still luv ya , LYSFM,BYEEEE

  • Kayla Andrews 4 years ago

    I'm 16 and watching this… never get old

  • Declared ScoobyDo 4 years ago

    My classmates love the teletubbies. So do I, I am so excited for the new series!

  • Adhy Kartansa 4 years ago

    nice…..right into the childhood :'D

  • Josie Silong 4 years ago


  • mamacita41969 4 years ago

    The other episode this is from: Football.

  • Jennifer Gibson 4 years ago


  • Aodh Collins 4 years ago

    Why Am i watching this I am like 21!

  • Tracey Mcginnis 4 years ago


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