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  • Auca Broskie 4 years ago

    Music song?

  • Bill Carbaugh 4 years ago

    One thing on my personal bucket list is to see a slot canyon before I die. But not with a guide and 20 other people, I want to experience the beauty without a lot talking if that makes any sense. However I understand slots can be extremely dangerous, is this true? Is this something that a novice can do?

  • steve ross 4 years ago

    Part (2) I ran out of space

    Whatever you buy, buy the best glass you can afford to go with it. New camera's have better dynamic range and better high ISO capability but all of that is nothing without a good lens. I shoot Nikon, but Canon is just as good, just remember its very expensive to change brands after you have a bag full of lenses

  • steve ross 4 years ago

    The camera make isn't important, it's the person using it. Learn your equipment but equally important learn to see. Learn to see good light, learn good composition, and your current camera will perform well for you. If you still want to upgrade assuming you want to stay with a crop sensor body, I would recommend a D7100 on the Nikon side, I believe the 7D would be the Canon equal, a Canon person will most likely correct me on that.

  • Sandra Fuller 4 years ago

    I know you're a professional photographer and probably don't have time to answer questions but I really need some help if you can spare a few minutes. I have a D70 with 18-55 kit lens (I have only the one lens) that I've been using for the last several years, I'm now ready to move up to a better camera would you recommend staying with Nikon or moving to Canon?

  • Sherry Tate 4 years ago

    This is so beautiful I could watch this all day thank you for your devotion and work to allow us to see what God has made. Way to go Brother

  • keith Ingalls 4 years ago

    I'm Truly Amazed … Thank you

  • Anne Burdette 4 years ago

    Beautiful work, you must spend enormous amounts of time out there in the middle of nowhere to get these amazing images

  • Monaka Delgado 4 years ago

    I had no idea the landscapes in the USA are so diverse, Awesome keep up the good work

  • Patrick Wolenski 4 years ago

    You truly have an artistic eye, beautiful work

  • Martin Davis 4 years ago

    Amazing Images, I especially liked the slot canyons

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