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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The Arizona Desert: Ray Mears Season 1 Episode 5 Part 3 In the 1860s a small band of native Indians provided the finest demonstration of the military value of survival skills. Follow in the footsteps of the tenacious war leader Geronimo, exploring the skills his people employed to stay alive at a time when every hand turned against them Video Rating: / 5


  • acerb45666555 4 years ago

    80% of that old US Cavalry,(The famously blundering Nelson A. Miles command of the 1880's), spent most of its time riding in circles for months at a time. Getting drunk as soon as possible was the high point of any expedition out there! And trying to desert by any means! Sickness finished off even more!

  • Northern BushCrafting 4 years ago

    thx man
    this is one of the hardest episodes to find without foreign nararations lol

  • Jon Dante 4 years ago

    Did they seriously have to play that sad *** song near the end? Damn near had me in tears…

  • longfootbuddy 4 years ago

    damn the tyrants

  • EnterTheMuffin 4 years ago

    @GTRmonster agreed…. these really are the best out there!! thanks dafidd!

  • GTRmonster 4 years ago

    I really want to thank dafidd for his hard work in uploading these episodes. I would love to give you 5 thumbs up, but I dont want the risk of it getting flagged/noticed but I'm sure many other people would want to say thank you as well.

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