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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Get Sonoran Desert Museum merchandise here… Founded in 1952, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is widely recognized throughout the world as a model institution for innovative presentation and interpretation of native plants and animals featured together in ecological exhibits. The Museum is regularly listed as one of the top ten zoological parks in the world because of its unique approach in interpreting the complete natural history of a single region (in our case this is the Sonoran Desert and adjacent ecosystems). This represents a significant achievement, as the Museum’s collections and size are smaller than many of its counterparts. Not a “museum” in the usual sense, it is an unparalleled composite of plant, animal, and geologic collections with the goal of making the Sonoran Desert accessible, understandable, and treasured. Music provided by Video Rating: / 5 How To Grow Organic Tomatoes & Peppers in Arizona – Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Update This is a quick video update on how my tomato and pepper plants are doing in the raised bed garden I planted in Arizona. When I first planted them, for both, tomato and peeper plants, in the planting hole, I added: 1. One tablespoon of Epsom salt 2. One tablespoon of Azomite rock dust 3. One tablespoon of homemade eggshell and banana peel fertilizer. Here is the link to the video so you can see how I make my own organic potassium and calcium fertilizer at home: 4. A hand full of Dr. Earth organic fertilizer 5. One crashed baby aspirin per plant The tomato plants in this video were started indoors from organic seeds on February 14th, 2016. I transplanted them into bigger cups on March 4th. The pepper plants in this video were started indoors from organic seeds […]

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