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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote The Best Places to Visit in Arizona, USA Arizona is home to incredible landscapes, lively cities, world-class spas and warm weather year-round, making the state ideal for a getaway anytime of year. Whether you are planning a quick weekend getaway or a longer vacation, Arizona is home to some of the most scenic places in the United States. Several Arizona attractions in Arizona that we included in our video are world-famous, such as the Grand Canyon,  Barringer Meteorite Crater and Havasu Falls, while other things to see in Arizona are still relatively undiscovered. Here are the best places to visit in Arizona. #1.The Grand Canyon #2.The Wave #3.Barringer Crater #4.The Superstition Mountains #5.Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area #6.Petrified Forest National Park #7.Saguaro National Park #8.Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness #9.Havasu Falls #10.Montezuma Castle National Monument Video Rating: / 5


  • Franklin Vaugn 2 weeks ago

    Just be quiet.

  • Hello Nurse 2 weeks ago

    Again dumb robot voices not wAtching

  • lylelay 2 weeks ago

    Why put the Wave in twice, especially as only 40 people a day can go?

  • HighFlyer 2 weeks ago

    Nothing to see here. Don't bother coming to check.

  • Deb Reynolds 2 weeks ago

    Why I will never leave. Born and raised. 3rd generation.

  • bruce burnett 2 weeks ago

    Seriously? The second most popular destination in Arizona, only surpassed by the Grand Canyon, isn't even mentioned? Tombstone! About 90 minutes south of Tucson!

  • young gun 2 weeks ago

    that darn robot voice doesn't do Arizona any justice.

  • Video Tutorial 2 weeks ago

    Arizona ia amazing, impressive landscapes!!! thumbs up!

  • Orlando Rosado 2 weeks ago

    stop robot voices good god

  • S Dot 2 weeks ago

    Liked! Thx for the info. Helps a bunch especially since I’m planning a trip next month to Arizona. Now I have a bunch of great ideas thx to you!

  • Jacob Runte 2 weeks ago

    Music is nice but the boring robot gets annoying. if you read comments first then prepare for Bordeom to the MAX!!

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