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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote This is a video about moving big cactus plants. There is a lot of noisy craning operations in this video, but I have sped up some of that for the time saving. This was filmed in Tonopah, Arizona, during the late spring of 2013. Please enjoy this and feel free to ask me anything about moving the big cactus. THANKS FOR WATCHING! Thanks goes out to the many people that helped to make this possible. First, I want to thank the cactus moving crew for all of the digging and framing and boxing of the plants. They are very skilled artists and the real stars of this video. Secondly, many thanks goes to the careful logistics planning and complex coordination provided by Mitschele’s Landscape Maintenance Corp, in Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks again Taylor! Lastly, thanks to all truckers and especially the ones that carried these plants home. Of course we all enjoyed plenty of delicious Cambell’s soup, during the filming of this video. This video was filmed with an old SONY Cyber-shot, model DSC-P73. —————————- LINKS —————————– Here is a link to the Part 1 of 3, of the new HD videos: Many thanks to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona for everything that they do! They made this video possible and they have a great website. Please check it out at: They also have a YouTube Channel: Thanks goes out to the architects and landscape designers at Colwell-Shelor, in Phoenix, Arizona; for choosing only the best plants for this job. Here is a link to their website: Homepage The crane companies do this stuff all of the time. Here is a link to their website: Many of these plants can be seen better in the […]


  • Khalikh Cool 1 year ago

    Wow… Cactus is a very unique plants…
    I hope one day I could have plenty of Cactus collection arround my house park…

  • Joseph Carter 1 year ago

    what is the plant shown at 10:40 into the video? I believe it's a succulent, but looks like a tree.

    I saw one at the desert botanical garden in Phoenix and can't remember what it was!

  • Marc Raibert 1 year ago

    I have some big cactus to move. How can I get in touch with you to get your help, or the packers/movers shown in the video? Thanks. Marc

  • gimontioff 1 year ago

    terrific garden!! awesome passion!! chapeau!!

  • Master Lu 1 year ago

    girls love those long limbs

  • Kevyogini 1 year ago

    What is the purpose of watering the plant before the move?

  • Syph1l1S 1 year ago

    camera man is kinda funny, are the cactus roots huge like a trees? looks like they made short work of transplanting them into boxes, pretty crazy i learned a lot about transplanting huge plants.. might come in handy when i move cause i dont wanna let go of this mulberry tree lol

  • fhgjfgjdghj 1 year ago

    Is this a planted cactus farm or is this a wild cactus desert? And are you taking out the cactus in order to build structures on the land or are you just selling the cactuses ?

  • gene 1 year ago

    do you sell any of these cactus and do you ship out of state?

  • Dropersh 1 year ago

    lol i would be to lazy and just take cuttings of everything or just twist off the mini cacti shooting out from the huge ones haha

  • 87walker 1 year ago

    Could not even imagine moving plants of this size! I get nervous shifting my 4ft plants. Really enjoyed watching this video.

  • Juan Manuel Guilló 1 year ago

    Amazing cactus man! fucking love it!

  • Stu Stewart 1 year ago

    Nice to see someone so close to nature ,and respect the vastness of it in a real down to earth way. Not wanting to hurt or destroy any of it !.  Nature at work in places some of us will never see first hand!   Cool !!

  • Hecate moon & heart full of happiness 1 year ago

    its amazing that some people do care about nature,the money,time and the way these plants were treated during the process is amazing and the cacti even get a bonus flying lesson which is unique to them lol 🙂 great efforts well done 

  • DIANA WALTER 1 year ago

    Great:!!is it possible to contact you for an urgent work ? I need to do exactly this kind of work for full two sea-container  of big cactuses in Vista California Please let me know if you and you crew is available for a talk. Best regards

  • Winston James 1 year ago

    Pretty good!  Considering the numerous blooms, it must be spring time in Arizona.

  • Dan Kennedy 1 year ago

    So cool to see this! Thanks for sharing… I never imagined it to be possible moving such large prickly cactuses, but this is such a smart method… very impressive. Amazing cactuses, too, of course!

  • Eric Pedley 1 year ago

    Hi, do you sell wholesale? I have a nursery (East Austin Succulents) in Texas.

  • ponciarello79 1 year ago

    I am not american ,If you take one cactus from here what kind of problem can you have ?

  • Daniel Rykowski 1 year ago

    Hard work.
    People love so much Cactus that can do everything to have them for themselves.
    Cool video.  🙂

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