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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote I’m creating a desert landscape using my Yucca bonsai trees. This penjing is inspired by the trees of Joshua National Park in California. Video Rating: / 5


  • Huh Lo 1 year ago

    Can we get a video on the crown of thorns, I have a few cuttings that are doing great not sure how to prune tho thanks nigel from nj usa

  • Comiendo Rico 1 year ago

    Great video

  • Basti V 1 year ago

    Man, I really like the look of the Yucca Bonsais. I'm infected. I have several Yucca trees. One of them (I grew it from a cutting 4 years ago) has created many little shoots pretty low around the trunk. I think next Spring i try to transform it into a Bonsai by cutting the maintrunk and roots. Even if I fail, it's not that big of a deal, cause the cuttings root pretty easy an so i can create many new ones in a short amount of time without any expenses. Thanks Nigel for inspiration!

  • Coby Fuson 1 year ago

    This is so awesome. Thank you so much to the ideas and tips!!!

  • Ranger Bros 1 year ago

    Nigel I love your videos and was wondering if you could tell us when you're going to a bonsai show so we could possibly meet you?
    Also I live Seattle Washington and I was wondering what trees are best?

  • Isaak penunuri 1 year ago

    Who's are those seeds doing for you?

  • poorman's bonsai pj polo 1 year ago

    Sir I'm John philip polo. I make another channel. hope u like some of it. tnx

  • xAndreiix 71 1 year ago

    I have a question .I have collected some sand ,little rocks and dead roots from the sea.Im planning to make desert landscpace with my small agavas and I will probably add ficus .Problem is ,I don´t know if the sand and rocks can harm the plant ?
    ( Im sorry for some grammar mistakes .Im not from English speaking countries .)

    Thanks if anyone will response and grettings from Czech Republic.

    P.S .Nigel I love your videos ,keep making them . 😀

  • Nigel Mansell 1 year ago

    I searched a lot for really good educational bonsai videos. Your videos are by fare the best! You dont just cut those nice little trees, you also explain why and what to expect from that special pruning.

    I just started bonsais and im not really sure about the soil…I read much about akadama, but I am just seeing little rocks at your soil, so I want you to ask what soil do you use?

    Your new subscriber Nigel!

  • Morris Pfisterer 1 year ago

    Maybe it will sounds Better if you dont cut the Intro Music that Hard. i try to Record something on Piano. Wich is the best way to send Them to you?

  • Cannabis origanum 1 year ago

    Great video as always Nigel! What do you think about using a grow bag/fabric pot for the initial growth/training period if a bonsai? Cheers!

  • Gloria A 1 year ago

    hello Nigel your friend from Nigeria, Africa, please Nigel do you have a personal email or website I can send message to you, please I will really appreciate if you reply and give me.

  • Kaushik Acharjee 1 year ago

    Hello mr.nigel
    How are you ..thanx for another wonderful video..

  • TOEKIE WORLD 1 year ago

    Love what you did with your Yukka trees.

  • Иван Николаевич 1 year ago

    super, just no words, some emotions) Bravo! show off your Ponytail Palm, what is it now

  • Notorious Wolfman 1 year ago

    Love all of your vids Nigel! Just bought a root rake, nice clipper, and several Bonsai pots. Will be starting the hobby for the first time once they get here! Any suggestions on a starter tree? Also, I live in East Texas, and get TONS of sun. Let me know what some of your ideas are, and thanks for inspiring me to get into the hobby!

  • lanarin 1 year ago

    Hi i have not see you working with a "according to translation" mountain ash or rowan. do you have one? it is a cold weather tree. I was thinking about going out to fetch one. DO you think it would be a bad first tree?

  • Basti V 1 year ago

    Awesome Nigel! Great desert look!

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