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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Intrepid host Kevin Von Finger guides you through the fascinating arid environment of the Chihuahuan Desert, our North American Outback. Visit ancient caves with revealing clues that indicate this desert is surprisingly young. See gigantic skeletons from animals that roamed the area in the last Ice Age-mammoths, giant sloths, and prehistoric camels. Learn about the phenomenal changes that this land has seen since the beginning of earth. Our North American Outback provides a unique journey to North America’s largest desert. Purchase DVD copies of this series at:

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  • viola estupidos 4 years ago


  • maximus0032 4 years ago

    @RAWRAWRWAR yep. I saw a documentary on it and its quite an amazing place. Have you heard about the Cenote that was also discovered? that cenote is called "El Hundido" and its like 200 metres deep and at the bottom there is a great chamber with fresh water. quite an amazing discovery despite the fact that in the area were the cenote is found, only salt water is available.

  • maximus0032 4 years ago

    great video! i didn't know the chihuahan desert was only 4,000 yrs old. wow