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  • Del Mar Apartments 4 weeks ago

    I saw a rattlesnake the other day crossing the trail. It was early morning. First time I ever seen a snake. It was long and moving slowly.

  • Which trail is this? Thanks for the great video, I recently moved here and am in love with the state. Very excited to start hiking more

  • T FreSh 4 weeks ago

    My anxiety could never i would never do it alone imagine getting attacked by something and have no help because your on ypur own i could never man and i am very scared of snakes. But i respect you man, i love driving by the desert or stopping by the road to take a few pics but nothing else more. Thanks for the videos man

  • Rogerecetinap 4 weeks ago

    Enjoy your video a lot. I hike a lot in the desert or semidesértic ecosistemas in Mexico.
    Thanks for the advices.

  • Dorantes 4 weeks ago

    thank you for this video. my partner and i are moving to AZ and are nervous about the wildlife we might encounter. this was HELPFUL! take care.

  • demonhalo67 4 weeks ago

    All very good local/state advice. Especially dangerous in Organ pipe becouse of the various layers of dense low vegetation which affords many concealed hiding places for something venomous, poisonous or sharp. A handy tool to carry with you to combat the various cacti out there is a good pair of tweezers, just in case some Cylindropuntia cholla cactus especially, sticks to you and the needles break off if a section of stem sticks to you or penetrates your skin through the clothes.

  • Ishbu101 4 weeks ago

    I like the mountain on the right side. What's your recommendation for going off trail a few feet away.

  • Smetlogik 4 weeks ago

    Good tips, we look for snakes all the time down in AZ. Watching where you put your hands/feet is a great tip.

  • I drove by the desert in AZ many times , although beautiful in daytime, very scary at night. Just eerie. Id never go hiking though not my cup of tea, but i don’t mind driving by. You got balls friend.

  • Muttley 4 weeks ago

    Got me on a watching binge of your vids. Just subbed too. That area is so gorgeous. Dangerous if you're unprepared and don't keep your wits about you…but wow, still gorgeous. Beats the smoggy air and buildings I see every day. Great vid mate. Hope to see more of these.

  • Brad Roesler 4 weeks ago

    when is monsoon season usually Bat?

  • The Drifter 4 weeks ago

    Nice tips. Here in Michigan, cowboy boots are a fashion statement. In Texas, AZ, New Mexico and like places, they are a necessity to avoid the dangers of thorns, cactus and even snakes. These videos you made prior were key when I went on my land for the first time..I seen a lot of the signs that you had mentioned.

  • lucy hammon 4 weeks ago

    Thank you that was excellent it’s beautiful out there you are so Lucky

  • Audrey Joy Rollins 4 weeks ago

    I want to thank you for all of your videos.

  • Audrey Joy Rollins 4 weeks ago

    Love your videos!
    Did you do any hiking when you lived in Indonesia?

  • ILona Jean Passino 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for your wonderful videos and this was particularly important. I live in Phoenix and used to hike but not any more however this is applicable to anyone even in the city as you said. Snakes are everywhere in the desert. I'm sharing this with a family member who does hike.

  • Amy Van Hoy 3 weeks ago

    As a kid I would get up early and pick black berries and sell them rattlesnakes sit in the black berry bushes and wait for birds I am so surprised I never got hurt

  • Nancy Larose 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for all the good advice!

  • Stephanie Pooch 3 weeks ago

    The Desert is starting to come alive again with beautiful flowers

  • Jackie Underwood 3 weeks ago

    Great video, I much more enjoy watching you hike. I would get bitten or stabbed by something!! Do you ever go to any of the bead and gem shows? I would love to see some of those…

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