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  • Tassie Ants 6 months ago

    great vid Eli

  • Zach’s Challenging channel 6 months ago


  • TBtheGamer 6 months ago

    We need to do a collab lol

  • Help! What should I do if my ants have a parasitic fungal infection?

  • Adam Liang 6 months ago

    do you live in Sydney

  • C.12 - Gaming and more 6 months ago

    Can’t wait for the next vid

  • GA55U 6 months ago

    what escape proof do you use?

  • NickTheShinobi Plays 6 months ago

    When is your next giveaway? I really would love a queen ant giveaway or a 5 testubes and a calendar of nuptial flight. I'm in Philippines btw.

  • Maria Cangas 6 months ago

    cute colony

  • Hostile Sanchez 6 months ago


  • DaveGrauBanks 6 months ago

    It looks great! But im not sure about having red rocks with bigger grey rocks

  • Scott Morgan 6 months ago

    Maybe add a succulent or two.

  • Mitch 6 months ago

    funnily im doing something like that for my irodimermix bicknell colony

  • Rhys Ellard 6 months ago

    Cool vide

  • / BLANK / 6 months ago

    @8:25 . Ainz own gown is in entire diff world.( watch overlord s1 ) if u dont know wht i mean .

  • Nerf Gang 6 months ago

    Good job keep posting vids

  • Turtle Tots Gaming 6 months ago

    Cheers Eli for this great video as always. I'm loving the look of the all new and improved desert of down under 😀

  • James Upton 6 months ago

    Yaaasss queen keep up the good work

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