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  • Claire Measel 1 year ago

    Yacon is also a prebiotic. I have multiple varieties of ginger and turmeric, loofah, moringa, coconut, plantains, blackberries, starfruit, sherbet berry, mulberry, comfrey, katuk, basils, herbs, hausa potatoe, barbados cherry, coffee and curry leaf, mango and lychee, peach ,jatropha, papaya , sunchokes and avocado.

  • Do Stuff with Niki! 1 year ago

    so glad I found your channel! Your fun:) We're in sofla coral springs and I have stuff growing everywhere! Im doing a perma approach, no till etc and so much great stuff its exciting! SOme of the stuff we have are Sunchokes,Turmeric,Gingers (3 varieties),passion fruit, chayote, katuk, loads of longevity spinach, malabar and okinawan, Fig, lots sweet potatoes, moringa,bitter melon (the large smooth ones),dwarf mulberry, lots of Callaloo Amaranth, stinging nettles, tomatillos seminole pumpkin, whew! ok ill stop there lol oh and of course Mexican sunflower, best manure crop ever! Keep up the great vids, I subscribed:)
    xoxo Niki

  • Shawn C 1 year ago

    Great video Pepe. Need to find an Avri fig – can't seem to find one easily.

  • niller penton 1 year ago

    pepe do you use the same fertilizer (organic or chemical or both?) for all your plants????? , can i know what do you use???? , and what other kind of admented soil you use????

  • niller penton 1 year ago

    pepe i really love your videos , this food forest are amazing , beautiful …..

  • Cathy Sanders 1 year ago

    I have a Carrie mango, blueberries, sad looking peach tree, ascerola cherry which keeps dropping it's blooms, moringa, mulberries, bananas, a no name fig, and lots of other little goodies. Loved the video! And I appreciate you telling us the varieties you are growing since I am in South FL too.

  • Barbara T 1 year ago

    Where do you purchase your fruit trees? They are not your typical fruit trees. Love your informative video.

  • The Simple Life 1 year ago

    Hello from central Florida !
    I've got a banana tree, blueberries, blackberry, onions, Everglade tomatoes, regular tomatoes, jalapenos, hot peppers, basil, bell peppers, potatoes, and beets so far.
    Love your channel ! Keep up the good work.

  • kthatsnotmyname 1 year ago

    Is there a reason you're keeping your trees in containers?

  • Minh Tran 1 year ago

    Love the video , very informative, looking forward to next one. I m growing soursap in a container ( northeastern FL). Do you think it can be fruit in a container ? Thank

  • steambo77 1 year ago

    Great food forest…im curious about your peach tree though..i thought we didn't get enough chill hrs here in South florida..even for low chill varieties. lmk. thanks.

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