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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote From time to time, I like to highlight someone who is doing great work in the world of permaculture. For over 15 years, Greg Peterson has been teaching people in the Phoenix area how to grow their own food in the unique environment of the Desert Southwest. After learning about his work with while doing research for my permaculture design project in the Phoenix area, I had the chance to meet and interview Greg about his work at the “fruit tree pop-up nursery” he helps to organize every spring. This event allows people in the phoenix area to cooperatively purchase high quality fruit trees at a lower price, all of which have been proven to grow and fruit in the desert climate, while getting some excellent advice on how to help their trees to thrive. The fruit tree sale is organized through Greg’s website at The music used in the video is my own, which you can find at I am currently looking for volunteers to help with the Permaculture Bike Park project, and stay or live in the Ant Village. This thread has all the info:… Follow me on Instagram @oneheartfire If you enjoy my videos and would like to support the project, please visit To make a one time donation via paypal or credit card, please visit To donate Bitcoin, click here: To learn more about my other permaculture projects and experiences, please visit Video Rating: / 5


  • VeganAthlete 2 years ago

    Great Episode Jesse! Thanks for the shoutout! Good luck with the fruit trees and the "Mace's Mix"

  • LASummer 2 years ago

    Mace Mix sounds like good stuff. TFS!

  • Dj Ph 2 years ago

    Im sure you know, mushrooms turn shit into soil. Thanks for the info.

  • Peter Pierce 2 years ago

    Hey Jes I was wondering if you'll need help this late spring and summer? I'm leaving Sonora, Ca (which is in the foothills of the sierra nevada mtns near Yosemite) when the weather warms traveling on foot north to seattle to see some friends and then I was gonna head east to travel through Montana and would love to come help out. I use to drive big rig through there all the time on the 90 and always said to myself I'm gonna either visit or move there. Well my email is hit me up man

  • The Silent G 2 years ago

    very nice! if you do a nice thick base layer of gravel under the mulch, it'll act as a secondary water reservoir due to the high surface area of cool rocks for
    condensation. plus they'll be a permanent source of minerals. Especially if you mix the gravel and mulch up a little with some compost and worm castings and fish emulsion. Watering with diluted urine will also greatly accelerate the soil and plant growth.

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