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  • Max Carr 5 years ago

    who cares about guns trucks and football?! i love tortoises?

  • gunstrucksandfootbal 5 years ago

    Who gives a damn about the effing desert tortoise. ?

  • halo is fun bro 5 years ago

    Isn’t it illegal to own one of these fine creatures without the proper

    What’s really killing them off is people running their asses down on the
    road. It’s a statistical fact that most folks swerve to run them down
    instead of to dodge them. People are fucking monsters…?

  • xdustinpattonx 5 years ago

    awesome work, great job guys !!! ?

  • Brandon Hubbarth 5 years ago

    PROPAGANDA. Stealing the land will help the tortoise. it will only be sold
    for mining rights?

  • MuSiC LoVeR 5 years ago

    i have to do a report on desert animals and i decided to do a desert

  • Carla McDonald 5 years ago

    Why is the BLM even raising this question, when in August of 2013, they
    ordered over 500 desert tortoises in a sanctuary killed because they ‘no
    longer had the money to operate”? Talk about hypocrisy. ?

  • forestsoft 5 years ago

    what a load of CRAP, this GUISE to steal the land from the public…they
    can muster all this crap they want , but people in the know it has to do
    with Agenda 21.?

  • call me roy 5 years ago

    The BLM does not want Cliven Bundy’s land to protect a turtle. Obama wants
    two solar areas to be put there. Wake up America?

  • 9DragonMaster 5 years ago

    i have a desert tortoise in california, socal, i have 1 male 1 female, the
    females prolly too young to mate, the male is ready.

  • jnnycliff 5 years ago

    I love tortoises and animals, I’m grow up with them, but due to the area
    i’m living now i can’t have them. I really hope one day i can help them
    grow, i don’t need a lot of money just enough to buy me food and shelter
    and I’ll go to live with them.

  • 9DragonMaster 5 years ago

    GODZILLA! Maybe I’ll do a vid, I have a funny vid of a baby girl tortoise
    trying to bite a cats ear that was sniffing the tortoises plate of food.
    =))) My larger male has created some pretty amazing burrows, I’ll try to
    get a video of the hole and birm he made to battle water flow I’m guessing.
    We all love em

  • kadar ali 5 years ago

    life is ball be carefull

  • Quin Kelley 5 years ago

    i might be wrong, but isnt it a bad idea to x ray the tortoises? give them
    and the eggs cancer

  • 9DragonMaster 5 years ago

    they forgot to say you can’t turn the egg from its original position!!!! if
    you flip the egg, the turtle can die!!!! I’m gonna go excavate our turtles
    dens, even though my female isn’t of proper mating age??? i think the
    females have to be 10 or so?

  • mgwilliams1000 5 years ago

    @9DragonMaster I also have one. A very aged male I found walking down a
    sidewalk right in the middle of my town here in the Central Valley. He is
    now registered, and hibernating in the crawlspace below my house. I worked
    as a volunteer many years ago in the Navy at Ridgecrest with the BLM with
    these magnificent creatures. He is old and cantankerous as your granddad
    would be. I can’t wait for him to come out in spring, he is a joy to watch.

  • Arjun Sandhawalia 5 years ago

    luv it!

  • viperz888 5 years ago

    can i have a turtle as a pet i promise ill look after him 🙂

  • 9DragonMaster 5 years ago

    thats why you see the eggs have little X’s on them!!!

  • ZaMuMx 5 years ago

    thats sad… lets help maintain those beautiful tortoises

  • Daniel Young 5 years ago

    @mgwilliams1000 I too lived in Ridgecrest and would find then when I went
    riding my dirt bike

  • Carettax2fan 5 years ago

    Similar to Quin Kelley’s comment below: isn’t such frequent x-raying
    potentially harmful to the mom and eggs?

  • Loiselier Evelyne 5 years ago