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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote MARCH 2015 UPDATE: It’s now known that the female that is with Dad Norfolk is actually his daughter, banded with the letters HE. She is one of Dad & Mom Norfolk’s offspring from the 2009 nest. Photographers on the ground have observed behavior that suggests Dad and HE have eaglets. FEBRUARY 2015 UPDATE: It appears Dad Norfolk is no longer mated to DT. The female seen at the new nest is banded. DT was not banded. It will be interesting to find out where this female is from. It is not known how long Dad and this female have been together but photographers noticed the bands in January 2015. It also is not known where DT is. JANUARY 2015 UPDATE: Dad Norfolk and DT “The Missus” have relocated to private property where they’ve built a nest and will no longer be harassed by the gov’t. The nest is still in their territory but its exact location is not being revealed for obvious reasons. Eagle Nation is hoping for bobbleheads this spring. The History of the Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagles 2002: A pair of Bald Eagles built a nest near the end of a runway at Norfolk Int’l Airport (ORF) in Norfolk, Virginia. A few months later the male was killed when he was struck by a plane at ORF. The nest was removed and so was the tree the nest was built in. 2003: The surviving female found a new mate and they started building a nest at Norfolk Botanical Garden. (NBG) 2004: The pair of Eagles raised two Eaglets during the ’04 nesting season. Both of them fledged on May 31st. The adults remained in the Garden. 2005: In November, NBG teamed with WVEC TV and the Virginia Dept of Game […]


  • Linda Kontol 7 months ago

    This is a sad story. Thank you for the info and the wonderful tributes to
    A loving memory of these eagles

  • Linda Kontol 7 months ago

    are they still there or around there somewhere? There isnt any update since this one that i can find thanks!

  • Pamela Mccarthy 7 months ago

    wow just found this so its possible to mate with there off spring

  • Vee Lauran 7 months ago

    Thanks for this video. I love eagles & appreciate more updates. 

  • vasidney 7 months ago

    Birdbrain56 – don't know who you are, but you must be in the alliance!  At any rate, you do wonderful videos that tear at the heart.  Thank you.

  • LeoAsc 7 months ago

    Thank you for a beautiful video. LEAVE THESE EAGLES ALONE!!! They are territorial and they will not leave the area. Other birds in the area are a far greater threat to air traffic than two eagles, and there are mitigation techniques the airport could use to keep them away from the runway.. 

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