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Desert Gardens


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  • Gia Ho 4 years ago

    Khu Nh

  • The Garden Hill 4 years ago


  • Thang George 4 years ago

    H?i ngh? tri

  • hayln legg 4 years ago

    I went on that ride I was upside and my face was very white!?

  • eriec manurung 4 years ago


  • Toosiesmith2000 4 years ago

    I went on it and it we in circles?

  • Rainbow Smoothie 4 years ago

    I went on this twice yesterday the second time my seatbelt didnt go down all the way I screamed bloody murder I thought I was going to fall out. other than that it was fun, also on my second time I got to go around three times, good or bad thing??

  • Meisha Jones 4 years ago

    That is just like the boat ride in Las Vegas?

  • Cathy Meyer 4 years ago

    I remember 25 years ago, a boy lost his breakfast of scrambled eggs. Rows of people trapped and just covered in the stuff. Boy, did this draw a crowd.?

  • Jandi Aguilar 4 years ago

    I've rode one like this somewhere but not there and there was no seat belts and I Screamed to death XD?

  • Elvira Bocanegra 4 years ago

    chuno macclug kjo?

  • David Wilkins 4 years ago


  • JiJi Morel Fagestu 4 years ago

    is crezy?

  • toddtwigg 4 years ago

    Tokyo Summerland I would guess?

  • Murilo Rocha 4 years ago

    yes two Men fary?

  • Darlene Sleeth 4 years ago

    Jet scream was at Canada's Wonderland.?

  • Gollo Garcia 4 years ago
  • Ayham Molkey 4 years ago

    looooooping! ??

  • Philip Moore 4 years ago

    That ride is absolutely painful to your chest. I suggest large people not to go on this ride?

  • Murfy Shine 4 years ago

    I went on this. It pushes down on you hard and kinda hurts but that's just for safety XD it isn't as bad as I thought. I thought it would be scary as crap XD it wasn't that bad. It was really fun.?

  • MAD-MADDY1357 4 years ago

    I remember going in this with my brother it was AWSOME but when I went upside down I got REALY bad dry mouth but it really fun and my love for pirate ships still remains ?

  • Pedro Romero - xb 4 years ago

    is that still open??