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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Forget the chemical fertilisers, here’s 2 fertilisers that are easy to make yourself. One is a manure fertiliser and the 2nd, a weed tea. Video Rating: 4 / 5 waste management

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  • Bill Richey 7 years ago

    got an idea for helping strain the manure? out of the water, line the bucket with a pillow case put the manure in the pillow case and let it soak in the bucket of water then when ready pull the pillow case manure and all out of the water.

  • mrsmagandelatour 7 years ago

    do think 49 is hot 93f? is hot

  • bioregenphotonics 7 years ago

    hey, you may be interested in using a Bio-Regen Unit here. It instantly converts food? waste to bio-fertiliser, which you then dilute with water and apply to? gardens? and soil etc: search bioregenphotonics and check out the Bio-Regen unit

  • hidhawkes 7 years ago

    I guess I could use my vermi compost to make tea. Thanks for you videos! Helps me feel more confident with my? gardening skills!

  • hidhawkes 7 years ago

    I guess I could use my vermi compost to make tea. Thanks for you videos! Helps me feel more? confident with my gardening skills!

  • Sarah Wit 7 years ago

    I’m not sure if someone has already suggested this, but instead of just plonking the poop/weeds in the bucket? and then filling with water, you could put it in an old pillow case, knot the top, then put in the bucket with the water.

    this does the straining for you!

    love your videos! 🙂

  • sierra hiker 7 years ago

    can you show the soil as you inprove? it and prep it====== thanks

  • Vee Vee 7 years ago

    if you have 3 of those white buckets ( not necessarily white ) but the same? size; drill about 30 holes in the bottom of one, stack it inside another bucket, ( there will be a space in the bottom between the 2 buckets ) then dump the one with the watery manure into it. When you lift the bucket with the holes, voila! you have the manure and the liquid is in the bottom bucket.

  • Sallybunckle 7 years ago

    Have just? recently found your tube vid’s. Wow Im enjoying them very much thanks.

  • DakotaJanes 7 years ago

    Cow manure is really good, especially that due to meat production, there is too much of? it to the point of polluting the planet.

  • edwardgracy 7 years ago

    Could you use used coffee grounds and used herbs as? a fertillizer? Great vids, very informative.

  • mreastky 7 years ago

    Great video. Would you suggest lawn clippings or is that a bad choice of green? plants?

  • these5acres 7 years ago

    Brilliant! ? Thank you for this!

  • pigiondude 7 years ago

    whats the chance of passing on toxicity or damaging hormones from the weeds that could? wind up in the tea?

  • skillett2009 7 years ago

    Nice series. ‘Maters love N, and probably one of the best manures for N content is? chicken if you can find it. Also horse if they have been fed alfalfa. Alfalfa also makes a dandy mulch if mixed with a straw as it does tend to mold.

  • longuscatius 7 years ago


  • PCOStherealdeal 7 years ago

    Wait… 49 degrees is hot? Is it a different measuring system or something? I’m from California and … 49 degrees is rather chilly here. I’m more accustom to calling around 100 or 115 degrees hot.?

  • spyknife 7 years ago

    I use vacuum cleaner dust that? I get for free from my Dyson to fertilize my plants.

  • bowmasterpigo13 7 years ago

    i love gardening where? are u in i live in Austlai love all ur videos great 5 stars and great for people that are starting

  • robbierohn123 7 years ago

    i like the video, but i have some question for u offline on some of making fertiliser, to email u through utube for u to answer the question instead of going? through theproducegarden site where i see another video rather than i post the question.

  • JDJAKE33 7 years ago

    Human waste isnt supposed to be used in your vegetable garden because of the amount and types of bacteria in the fecal matter. It HAS been used however in some municipalities after its been processed. If you had the time and effort to? put into processing it, then yes, you can use human waste. It’s long and involved. Incidentally, if you have a problem with rabbits and deer feasting within your garden, human urine will keep them out and is okay for plants (just not directly on them).

  • bahamalesster 7 years ago

    no i wasnt? saying that Lol. It compost tea ( also known as manure tee from a sheep.) Sorry to have accidentaly mislead u. Mate.

  • jayangli 7 years ago

    so ur saying chinese people survive on? shit

  • jayangli 7 years ago

    are you telling me what he is? using is human shit? ??

  • fishmut 7 years ago

    Very good idea i use liquide fertilzer all the time most manures diluted in water and put on the garden? beds the plants love it . i have still to see the rest of your videos great to see someone shareing in what we gardeners all have in common and something we enjoy cheers……