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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote This video examines plants and animals of the Northern Sonoran Desert. The ecology of the desert, Indigenous peoples and their historical adaptations are presented with quantitative data and qualitative commentary . Video Rating: / 5


  • A. Cordell 1 year ago

    pretty sweet video! if it has been taken all in one day you got to see alot of animals! its probably a collection of several hikes so i appreciate the sharing of knowledge! please excuse my lack of capitals. no coyotes?

  • Sonya Pimentel 1 year ago

    awesome video about biomes helps with school grades

  • Carol Kidd 1 year ago

    There is quite a bit of incorrect information in this video.  I was hoping to use it in a class about Arizona but I can't.  Too bad because it is pretty well done and interesting.

  • RHACOREBERS 1 year ago

    side blotched lizard

  • Fate Retro 1 year ago

    the guy who is speaking is my teacher

  • Donatellangelo 1 year ago

    This is wonderful! I'm glad I live here.

  • Nestor cervantes 1 year ago

    omg the Sonoran desert is gorgeous….i cant wait to move there

  • chionactis1 1 year ago

    Very nice video. However, I think the lizard shown 48 seconds in is mislabeled. It looks much more like Uta stansburiana than Sceloporus magister.

  • luiscaire 1 year ago

    yea….. thousands

  • JeffCartier 1 year ago

    Thousands of species?… or hundreds?

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