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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote See some fantastic plants as I tour the Toronto 2019 Cactus and Succulent show! The show is held at Allan gardens in Toronto Ontario Canada. I came away from the show full of new ideas for Cactus and Succulent Bonsai! To join the club, to see information on next year’s show, or just to check out their website, click the link below….. Music in this video is by Savfk, check out more awesome Savfk music here…. The main Savfk music website…. or check out Savfk music on Facebook…. For more information on Allan gardens…. Thanks to the Toronto Cactus and Succulent club for allowing me special access to video this two day event. I hope I got all the show plants on video, if I did miss some it wasn’t intentional! An excellent show, thank you for your hospitality! Video Rating: / 5


  • Savfk - Music 5 months ago

    Thanks so much my friend for using my music as soundtrack :). I'm truly honoured and grateful.

  • Carla Sunshine 5 months ago

    Your videos always make me happy! Thank you Nigel!!

  • Eric Michel 5 months ago

    Well done on the videoing, looking good! Noticed, the mic crackling a bit again, when talking to the tree ladies, why is it doing that? Great show turn out, lot's of interest in succulents in Toronto! Must be a real challenge growing, keeping succulents alive in Canada, lots of people keen on them though! Pretty good selection of plants, very nice. Did you buy anything, if so, what, if not, why!? Keep up the great content, thanks for sharing, as always. Cheers.

  • Mason TV 5 months ago

    I thought you would have been more for science-names… figured it'd be like a second language to you!

  • BeThe CREATOR- Bonsai Gardening 5 months ago

    It's always pleasure to see Nigel's YouTube uploads, Thank you very much Nigel for this tour.

  • cactuS Mann 5 months ago

    Mine look better than some of these… and i consider myself a sub standard grower…probably ones for sale though…

  • great stuff!!!

  • Vinc Vinc 5 months ago

    1:38 these trees to that in very dry periods. Last year we had a very hot and dry summer in Germany and all these trees are now bright peeled off.
    This way they lose less water or something 🙂

  • McNemo 5 months ago

    Excellent footage! That new camera really suits your filming style.

  • Mr. Ceche 5 months ago

    Beautifull thx for sharing. I only have a question does the community know what the name of the plant at 20:45 is the one behind the one in focus?
    I hot one of those potatoe plants and want to bonsai it but can’t do any research without the name :/

  • Leo Schultz 5 months ago

    Amazing! It gradually becomes more and more psychedelic as the music builds in intensity.

  • Charlie Norvell 5 months ago

    Nothing was going on at the time, but the last time I had the chance to visit Toronto, I stayed nearby the Allan Garden. It's a great place to wander about.

  • Todd's Tropicals 5 months ago

    Excellent video and show, the only glass conservatory I've been to is is Belle Isle in Detroit.

  • Vijay Pal 5 months ago

    Thank you so much Nigel Sir share this video.
    Amazing plants

  • Mister Physics 5 months ago

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    Humanity can't leave earth's biome without ceasing to exist, like a plant leaving a pot, we die out there, aliens would have same problem, they can't leave their biome without dying.
    Although Apollo is real, no human has ever been beyond 300 miles out, Moon is a 3-day road-trip away. Moon Landings were faked for a dumbed-down gullible trusting TV audience who didn't have the tech to pause/rewind what they were shown. NASA took your taxes and funnelled them into weapons of war. 9/11 was DEW, breakthrough energy just as Nikola Tesla said, heat from air, clean, green, renewable, forever.

  • Mel Llave Bonsai 5 months ago

    Wow! I showed my wife the video and she’s so excited to see it. We also attend cactus and succulent shows in our area. Great video Nigel! Cheers!

  • Ramping Ram 5 months ago

    If anyone can unite trance music and bonsai its you!

  • Sarr Cat 5 months ago

    I looooooove the caudiciform succulents trained as bonsai, Adeniums are some of my favorite, I have one, though it's not really trained as a bonsai, it flowers beautifully every late spring/early summer and I just love it to bits. It's going to flower super soon in fact, when I checked on it yesterday one of the buds was starting to open!

  • PBR Streetgang 5 months ago

    4:57 Lophophora Williamsi more commonly know as peyote. I'm jealous because I collect cactus here in the U.S.and our uptight drug laws won't allow me to grow Lophophora in my collection.

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