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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] When people talk about their Permaculture gardens, it usually involves the successes they have. Starting a garden that is efficient and uses no artificial inputs and chemicals can be challenging. We speak to those challenges here. Click here to subscribe to our channel: Visit our Patreon page to discover special benefits and support our mission: Please consider purchasing a T-shirt (with original designs by us!) to help support us in making future videos: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Music by: We are Jim and Jessica, a husband and wife team who decided to make the leap from living the city life to an off-grid homestead. We have no training in carpentry or electrical work. We’ve come armed only with two Permaculture Design Certificates and a whole lot of determination. Join us on our journey to move beyond a sustainable lifestyle into a regenerative one. We chose to live in the desert because we love the location and we wanted the challenge of bringing this desert landscape into productive abundance. #greendreamproject #permaculture #gardening Video Rating: / 5


  • Green Dream Project 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for watching! Have a fantastic day.
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  • Licinda Stevens 3 months ago

    Beautiful! Observation and reflecting on life in all its shades, is truly powerful!

  • Colby Harris 3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your vulnerable garden story. I have definitely experienced the ebb and flow of seasons in this life, as it is right now. The current season seems dim for many and with spirit leading life will thrive again free of fear. God bless, encouraging and hope you continue to express and share stories

  • Sandy G 3 months ago

    Being that I am under forced solitude, due to the Corona virus, I have had to start changing my way of thinking — and being– as well. Your video gives me another boost, with an additional perspective. Thank you for this.

  • Zsolt Szépfalvi 3 months ago

    59999 views. Come jessicA letshave a coffee

  • Debbie Excell 3 months ago

    A bit long winded but the message is powerful and real. Thanks for sharing your pains and frustration. It encourages me to keep on yet be less obsessed with goals

  • Jozef de Beer 3 months ago

    You hit many good points in the permaculture books I have read. And yes, observation is key. I love observing things in my garden too. Keep up the great work!

  • Rebecca Sigari 3 months ago

    Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  • Marci B 3 months ago

    What a lovely video and message 🙂 thanks for putting this together!

  • amalia de antonis 3 months ago

    I'm being thinking about this AWESOME life

  • Elizabeth Sansom 3 months ago

    Love your beautiful chicken. Not sure what the breeders but it is beautiful

  • Mariana Munoz 3 months ago

    I love your mini tadpole pond! Thanks for sharing your story

  • Roy Burbano 3 months ago

    I feel what you feel., thank you now I gotta do what I gotta do.. Back to nature..

  • Sharon Cullen Art 3 months ago

    For viewers… if the slow talking is bothering you, go to settings above (3 dots on right) scroll to bottom to playback speed and speeding it up to 1.25 or higher will give a normal speed speech pattern. It brings her speech to a normal speed rather than very very slow.

  • Linda Davidson 3 months ago

    Great video!

  • Meeka Malone 3 months ago

    I did NOT know this before your video!!! Thank you SO much! You have been the inspiration I needed to START my own garden for the first time!

  • Debi Antone 3 months ago

    You should write a children's book about this and the one lonely chicken it would be great even a audio book you have a good narrative voice

  • Karl Hardy 3 months ago

    AND, INDEED, We have set up in the heavens great constellations, and endowed them with beauty for all to behold; and We have made them secure against every satanic force accursed – so that anyone who seeks to learn [the unknowable] by stealth is pursued by a flame clear to see.

    And the earth – We have spread it out wide, and placed on it mountains firm, and caused [life] of every kind to grow on it in a balanced manner, and provided thereon means of livelihood for you [O men] as well as for all [living beings] whose sustenance does not depend on you.

    For no single thing exists that does not have its source with Us; and nought do We bestow from on high unless it be in accordance with a measure well-defined.

    And We let loose the winds to fertilize [plants], and We send down water from the skies and let you drink thereof: and it is not you who dispose of its source – for, behold, it is We – We alone – who grant life and deal death, and it is We alone who shall remain after all else will have passed away!

    And well do We know [the hearts and deeds of all human beings – both] those who lived before you and those who will come after you; and, behold, it is thy Sustainer who will gather them all together [on Judgment Day]: verily, He is wise, all-knowing!

    -Translation of the Qur’an (15:16-25)

  • Chris. S.999 3 months ago

    WOW! what a great video, all of it the message the filming all of it really touched me. thank you.

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