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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Take a DEEP BREATH before watching this ESOCast mashup with Dr. J. The Sun is setting behind Cerro Paranal in the Chilean Atacama desert. While astronomers get ready to observe with ESO’s Very Large Telescope, Nature prepares for her own grand display. As night falls over the desert, the southern sky reveals its nocturnal beauty, leaving the spectator in silent amazement. Some people, however, don’t just stare at the spectacle. With great skill, they record these unique moments for everyone to see – they are the photographers of the night. Anyone who has been up at night in a remote, high place such as at one of ESO’s observatories in Chile may have been lucky enough to experience the splendid view of the myriad stars shining brightly from the heavens. It is a both a dream and a challenge for a photographer to capture an image of this incredible view. Today we will focus on three ESO staff members, who, during their free time, produce outstanding astrophotography. By publishing their results on the internet they share their enthusiasm for the astonishing wonders of the southern skies with a wider audience. Yuri Beletsky is an ESO Fellow and astronomer at the Paranal Observatory. When not observing with the world’s most advanced telescope, the VLT, he actively lives out his passion for taking pictures of the southern sky. “I like the night sky, I like stars and the night sky is so beautiful, you can see millions of stars and astrophotography is the best way to show the people what actually stars are, so taking this picture I share my passion with people and I am showing the sky then.” Over time, Yuri has produced many spectacular images of Paranal against the wonderful backdrop of […]


  • meatzomlord 4 years ago

    There's only a little stars in cal and im in cal :(

  • MaloGaming 4 years ago

    1:40 three moons?

  • Sunny shah 4 years ago

    Seeing night sky full of stars while lying down on grass on top of a mountain is on top of my bucket list

  • Kayla Smith 4 years ago

    I've seen some star clusters but only one is viewable where I live, there isn't much city light in my town in NJ

  • Anik Talukder 4 years ago

    Can we see this with our eyes, without cameras with that amount of quality
    One more question i am seeing this star like object with variable light, like the luminous is fluctuating constantly, it aint a quasar

  • Rafael Concepcion 4 years ago

    I got scared when I first saw this in person.

  • Rachel Brown 4 years ago

    If I lived in a place like this, I don't know how I would ever sleep!

  • ozzman1997 4 years ago

    Anybody know of any places in Illinois where you can actually see the Milky Way? Obviously not as clearly as in this video but I'd like to see at least some star clusters…

  • kevin raju 4 years ago

    When I consider Thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the moon and the stars which Thou hast ordained; What is man that Thou art mindful of him? And the son of man, that Thou visitest him? (Psalm 8 : 3 – 4)

  • InvalidWaffle98 4 years ago

    I remember seeing the night sky like this for the first time when I was in Ireland three years ago. It brings up a feeling inside you that's so strange to comprehend, it's like you realise how small you are. How small everyone you know is, and how small our entire planet is. You'd think a feeling like this would depress you but it doesn't, for some reason it gives you a sense of awe. Honestly I would rather sit and stare at the sky like this for ten hours than sit inside on my play station for hours. Such an immense feeling

  • NiKtHeB0Ss 4 years ago

    It really makes you realise how trivial earth is, when viewed through an objective lens.

  • basketball fan 4 years ago

    the sky is so beautiful

  • D-HaNdRick Cam-ERo 4 years ago

    Living in maryland.
    I never get to see the beautiful sky.
    No stars.
    No milky way.
    Just blank.
    Living in Maryland is….. Sad.
    All the pollution covering up the night sky.
    I wish i saw all of this.

  • BrokenOcktive2 4 years ago

    At the end of the 0:53 second; I could swear I saw light from something for a flash there in the middle of the screen.

  • Anton Nzl 4 years ago

    Anyone else just lay on the ground, or in bed, staring out at the night sky marveling at all the stars and just feeling butterflies. And then the sudden realization that our world is so small, and that our struggles and all our hard working seems so insignificant in this massive universe of ours? I do. I do this like once every six months or so, I just stare out at the stars and get lost in the worlds above me, and just think of all that could be out there, all those planets, all that life force.

  • All-in-one tvz 4 years ago

    Just think about it space lovers … u play interstellar background music in your headphones , laydown and watch the beautiful sky !! <3..Its a Dream come true

  • Ismail Murad 4 years ago

    What an astonishing view! Truly unbearable beauty! Hopefully one day, I'll be able to see this with my own eyes..
    Thanks for sharing this!

  • viktor duke 4 years ago

    My god.. breathtaking

  • Stephen N 4 years ago

    Thie view was common before the invention of the lightbulb. 

  • ari bayang 4 years ago

    this is amazinG~

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