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  • rick greene 8 months ago

    Your subject range is amazing. You write about such varied subjects, yet the descriptions, details, and little facts are spot on. Impressive, damn boy!

  • Sauce Squash 8 months ago

    I have my gear. Ring me up

  • lekslkr's Gaming 8 months ago

    Isnt there an underground ocean somewhere? I thought I read something about that.

  • hazel goodshepherd 8 months ago

    I know it sounds weird… But I have the strangest feeling this story is true or at the very least based on fact.

  • skodwarde tetsicules 8 months ago

    The background looks like the album cover for Dirt

  • chocoman45 8 months ago

    Welcome to the underzee surfacer.

  • Jess Coy 8 months ago

    Great story ,
    Always expect the unexpected.
    I live in Mesa Arizona been here 32 years of my life.
    And 6 in Ohio
    Ohio And Arizona have a lot of ghost hauntings and down in flagstaff Arizona it’s a witch town . Down there is a vortex.
    Famous serial killers . A haunted house that was based on killer kell.
    And much much more .

  • JBlask 8 months ago

    I rather like this. It's tone isn't scary but instead focuses on exploring a neat new place and leaves us with some mysteries. refreshing change of pace from most creepy pastas.

  • The Man 8 months ago

    mountain and cave and sea rescue i've the utmost respect for.
    volunteering their lives to recover some braindonor doing extreme sports.
    i know a few boys in the trade, and they HATE all of the above, they were forced into that lifestyle as children, so they qualified as rescue due to their serious outlook.
    those rescued with proper gear setup, and just a case of bad footing or timing, get no grief.
    if they be shit equipped, and not aware of surroundings in advance get a serious bollocking from all staffs, including helmsmen and pilots…

  • Tom Ardans 8 months ago

    Cool story!

    I’m a native of the Arizona desert, and have recurring dreams about desert caves opening up to huge worlds.

  • OldPlaces 8 months ago

    funny, fun, and goofy.

  • Valiant Warrior 8 months ago


  • TheMattc999 8 months ago

    I've felt that pull in a cave before, where you just have to keep going to see what is up ahead. It got to the point where I was crawling on my belly with the ceiling pressing against my back, but I felt as if I had to keep going. I crawled like that for about a quarter mile and then the ceiling started to raise back up. I had to duck for a good long while, then it opened back up to where you could walk again, and there were massive flowstones on either side-I was in an underground river channel. I kept going and eventually the cave floor widened and flattened back out. After about another half mile or something really strange happened- I could see a small light up ahead of me. If you've ever been in a cave you know there is no light, if you're lights go out you're screwed, you literally cannot see your hand directly in front of your face. Anyway, I kept going, wanting to see what/where the light was coming from. It gradually got brighter, and next thing you know the cave was entirely lit up. I had gone all the way through this cave, and came out at the other end, at the base of the other side of the mountain from where it started. That was a really neat feeling, both having gone all the way through a cave under a mountain and knowing that I have done something that most people will never experience, kind of like finding a whale in the desert.

  • wanagi horse 8 months ago

    Everything down there either, sticks, stinks, or stings.

  • Angie Lawson 8 months ago

    I lived in Kingman AZ! Loved it! Been 2 the hualapai mountains ! I miss the MTS! There are old gold mines!

  • ghost Unix 8 months ago

    I knew there was an ocean in Arizona because everyone in Tucson has this boat in their driveway.

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