This is something I didn’t expect!Arizona off-grid

Learn to build your off-grid home with almost nothing! My new book has been rated as a bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon. See why so many people buy this book. Try my unique blend tea and sweet corn flour blue tea; butterfly pea flower, lavender and lemon balm. Black tea; hibiscus, rose petals and lemon balm. Both types of tea are very hot or cold and have many health benefits. Join my YouTube membership, chat in life, get behind-the-scenes tidbits and sponsor the animals in your home. Just 0.99 is required to join. #halloween #arizonahomestead #frugaloffgrid Hi, this is John. I live on the grid in northern Arizona. I’m about 50 miles from the nearest town and two hours from the city. As far as I can remember, I have always wanted to live off-grid. Before I moved to the high deserts of Arizona, I had a good career in Utah. After Covid caused the restaurant to close, I was fired. I was saving money to leave the grid and staying in my van. I have been here for a year and a half and everything is going well. I started a tea company and wrote an Amazon bestseller. If you want to watch from the beginning, I have been recording the whole process. I came here with a piece of land, a truck with a trailer and two IBC handbags. When I parked the car in my house, I only had six thousand dollars. If I can start a homestead with almost nothing, so can you. Start from scratch Amazon store: Amazon Wish List: Donate to Venmo: Amazon affiliate link Diesel Heater 12v Diesel Air Heater My Solar Equipment——— My Van Solar system kit 200ah Sealed Gel Battery My 24v Solar System– ——- My new Sun Gold Power 6000w inverter EPEVER 40 amp charge controller 24v to 12v converter 2 specification wire for battery wire connector 12v 100 ah SLA battery 12v fuse box solar panel connection Line Square D 30 amp 2 space Load Center Square D 15 amp circuit breaker 2 sets of socket boxes 15 amp socket copper ground rod copper ground wire 6awg copper AC wire 10awg Refrigeration: 12v Alpicool refrigerator or freezer 7 cubic feet freezer health: turmeric powder 2lb beets Root powder, ginger powder, garlic powder, shade cloth, quick tent 18x18x18 12×16


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