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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Created with W Hotels. Cactus Store is exactly what you think it is: a store that sells cacti. With locations in LA & NY, this group of friends wants to help educate a succulent-loving generation on how to source and care for their favorite plants. Founded by Carlos Morera with help from Max Martin and Christian Cummings, they have branched out into landscape projects, books, design, and more. Watch as we visit their store and tag along to a local farm to source new plants. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to VICE Asia: Connect with VICE Asia: Check out our full video catalog: Videos, daily editorial and more: More videos from the VICE network: Like VICE Asia on Facebook: Follow VICE Asia on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Video Rating: / 5


  • Pl Mi 2 months ago

    I've seen this video before. It's not new.

  • No Name 2 months ago

    He eats some of those cacti.

  • Jonathan B 2 months ago

    Do they produce Mescaline on site too? Could be their side hustle.

  • Mehmet Rumi Demir 2 months ago

    I stan

  • Meghanath Vanukuri 2 months ago

    Beauty from other side

  • Mamud's Tube 2 months ago

    Subscribe my channel too….

  • MR BOSTON 2 months ago

    You cannot call California Asia despite how many fucken communis bribes you take

  • Shank 2 months ago

    Statistically speaking a plant reproduces only one more plant? That guy needs to go learn more about statistics. And plants.The average plant produces between 100 to 2,000 seeds. Because they flower regularly, year after year, many cacti produce thousands of seeds before dying. The saguaro cactus produces up to 3,000 anthers per flower, each of which may contain many pollen grains. Throughout their lifetime they may produce up to 40 million seeds, and while only a small percentage of them will make it to adulthood, that still is 40 million opportunities to reproduce. The fishhook barrel cactus may produce 30,000 seeds in a single flower…. and on and on.

  • Safu Mafoo 2 months ago

    came in thinking this would teach me about peyote. click bait lol

  • CHEF BOY-AR- D 2 months ago

    Trump can't say this is "fake news" …. this as real as it gets right here

  • Ryu Ken 2 months ago

    How much u.make a mouth? Selling???

  • Asa Smith 2 months ago

    Vice Asia ?????? LOL

  • Tailor Dunn 2 months ago

    Lmfao.. check out the first 10sec off this… dude hit some crazy drugs to make him smarter.

  • Perry P 2 months ago

    The title of this video is one of the most random things i've ever read

  • Ayaz Ali Shakoor 2 months ago


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