Three cactus fruits and more

This video is mainly about the harvest of three different types of cactus fruits. I collected them at the same time, so I combined these materials into a long video. In addition, I have included some animal encounters that you might want to see. In that case, stay with me to the end and don’t fall asleep. Okay, this was shot in Tonopah, Arizona. This video was shot with the old SONY Cyber​​-shot model DSC-P73. Here are the names of the cactus fruits shown in this video: Texas Echinococcus-Texas Horse Crippler Pachycereus marginatus-Mexican fence Post Trichocereus candicans-(or Echinopsis candicans) I also included some images of hedgehog fruits. The name is Echinocereus triglochidiatus-Claret Cup Hedgehog. Here is a link to the crested cactus video project. It is a collection of many plants and is a good long video. Please take about an hour of precious time to watch. Thanks to the FEATHEREDFAN channel:.


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