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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Night and day time-lapse of the desert in Las Vegas area.

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  • anityy 7 years ago


  • Ruben Herrera 7 years ago

    How many hours of actual footage in real time was it? great job! How did you pass your? time while it was recording?

  • VegasRage 7 years ago

    Feel free, would love to see? your video.

  • MILEYmn 7 years ago

    this is excellent, would it be ok to use…say, 10 seconds or so from this clip in a new music video, credits will be given in? some fashion, thanks

  • VegasRage 7 years ago

    It’s good fun, this was one of my first time lapse video’s I have since learned more. In this video you see the moving green spot, at the time I shot this I did not know leaving the protective lens filter on caused this effect. That is light reflecting between the lens and the lens filter. Also I have found setting white balance for night shots? to Tungsten gives a better cleaner image.

  • whotookmymojo 7 years ago

    thanks I was actually watching it for time? lapse since I have a nex5 and learning it, but its also my research. Thats why I asked…:).

  • VegasRage 7 years ago

    Better than 99.99% chance it was a plane, we’re in a take off and? landing path for planes and helicopters at a airport only 5 miles away.

  • whotookmymojo 7 years ago

    is that an ufo in the first minute? watch as it lifts off and disappears in the? clouds and it has to b moving really slow since its timelapse.