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  • mohammed hassan 1 year ago

    I camed from khaled and safa chanal

  • Jess S 1 year ago

    Itunes pls!

  • Yun Liu 1 year ago

    Smite brought me here xD Not expecting lieks for this one lol

  • Hady Senna 1 year ago

    nico vdeo

  • Gabriela S Quesada 1 year ago

    pleassssseeeeee put this song on Spotify

  • Felipe II Alcaraz 1 year ago

    Is this on spotify? Please do upload it

  • Slimes Joyful 1 year ago

    im using this for my Youtube videos

  • iipriya_omq 1 year ago

    nice remix bro

  • Sarah Densem 1 year ago

    i need this on spotify!!

  • juan camilo gomez 1 year ago

    This song has Copyright?

  • E M M A 1 year ago

    can i use this for my video ?

  • Olmecs 1 year ago

    This Song is a piece of art when listen it in a Car, nice music video man! Keep it up

  • MisterBassBoost 1 year ago

    Nice video man!

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