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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Addicted to FB like me? /BLaFata Just my pics since 2009… Fuel Fund … Paypal = Got something to say? Email = Fiverr – / Video Rating: / 5 What does it look life after a winter rain in the desert? It does not rain often in the southwest Arizona desert, but it rained off and on last night and this morning. In this video, I take you on a 1.5-mile walking tour around the desert near my camp to explore the effects of a December rainstorm.


  • Bonnie Robertson 1 year ago

    Beth, You don't like being by yourself? I would have never guessed that with you being out on the road alone.
    Wish I had a rig so I could trail along with you. I'm not much for going out, so I'd keep the campfire lit for you while you partied. 🙂

  • Rob Lavender 1 year ago

    very nice camp

  • 2000talon 1 year ago

    I hear what your saying about the not liking being alone too much. But with our vintage trailers its different some how? Being on the road right outta our comfort zones…lol

  • Alvara DaCosta 1 year ago

    thank you for that tip about the moth balls. How many moth balls do you need to use to keep the animals away? Would it work if you make a circle around your location so that they do not get too close to you?

  • Her Own 1 year ago

    Christian,I liked this vidio because beth is like my family

  • Lori Tompkins 1 year ago

    Where do you go after this?

  • Amy Shaw 1 year ago

    safe travels. I am in abilene tx. very envious of your freedom…I have a pop up camper that I am itching to get outof town in…:)

  • Lori Tompkins 1 year ago

    Do you live full time in the trailer? Share this on twitter hope that helps….

  • Jessamy Goddard 1 year ago

    I get what you are saying about being alone, although I lived in a caravan in a field with just my cat for a while. I had company at work of course, but in the evenings my cat would sit on my shoulder while I was cooking etc. It can feel lonely, but I loved it. Take care xxx

  • Dennis M 1 year ago

    I would like to say high when you are in the Dfw area.
    Also am interested in buying $ a good sized mini boulder of Quartz. About the size of a kids small basketball. Perhaps you can find one?

  • meezergurl 1 year ago

    As a woman traveling alone – are you ever bothered on or off the road? I hope not…

  • karen reuss 1 year ago

    let us know if you see lites in the sky in Marfa

  • Living Life With Texasred63 1 year ago

    Ok this might be a dumb question, but what is to stop someone from hooking up to your trailer and taking off when you are gone in to town?

  • christy7270 1 year ago

    Wait… What? Putting moth balls under RV, will keep the critters away? Im definitely trying this, this summer. Thanks for the tip.

  • Gale Journey's of The Heart and Spirit 1 year ago

    I am getting a camper soon n hitting the road.

  • Miriam Vera 1 year ago

    Hey girlfriend! Thanks for making and posting these videos. It's cold here and it warms my heart to watch a camping site. Be safe.

  • Anton Bouchette 1 year ago

    Robert, thank you for your efforts making these videos. I used to go truck camping for years and then my camper suffered dry rot and moisture damage and the cost to repair was in the thousangs so I sold it to a rebuilder as a project. Now I am going nuts trying to make a decision on what to buy next, My tow vehicle is a very nice 4WD Tacoma extended cab with air bags and a truck canopy, but what to pull behind it? If our paths cross, I will definitely offer you a cold brew or glass of wine and will undoubtedly have a warm fire going. Stay safe/Have fun. (I really enjoy your gorgeous evening sunset shots……very beautiful world we live in.)

  • vanessa Boman 1 year ago

    hi there from across the big pond where rain is in abundance in soggy and dull UK… way back a few years I was in AZ up on the Hopi lands and it rained hard one night  and flooded our drive way… but the walk along the lane into the village of K-Town was amazing as over night flowers had budded and were in full bloom… the wash was alive with frogs and it actually looked like a different place for a few days til the rain was all sucked up or evaporated… I love the deserts of AZ so thanks for posting this its fun to go back to AZ and relive the past excitements I had there …

  • Debbie Neal 1 year ago

    Great video!! this is my second video of yours to enjoy. Really loved the ones about the Wild Horses of Nevada. 🙂 i hope that there are enough rains for the horses to find to drink from. Plus enough to eat out there in the desert. i am subscribed now, since i saw the video about the horses. Then i watched you and Debra in her video of Sometimes they Come, Sometimes they go. 🙂

  • Ben Life 1 year ago

    Robert… Awesome video! Thank you for sharing!

  • Wendy Williams 1 year ago

    I loved this video, Robert! The landscape is beautiful, and I felt like a kid wanting to play in the pretty water puddles! I keep telling myself "This is the year I explore Arizona!" This is another great incentive 🙂

  • Joyce Barnett 1 year ago

    just watched video and enjoyed it.  very informative about it doesn't take much rain in the desert and all plants start changing.  love the barrel cactus.  it is an amazing plant.  thanks for sharing.         Joyce

  • linda richard 1 year ago

    Colorful rocks around. Love your calm relaxing tone…My travels are through your eyes… BLESS you for sharing natures beauty

  • Abby Rhode 1 year ago

    Thank you for giving us a closer look at the different forms of life in the desert.

  • kevin 1 year ago

    Really like your video, thank you

  • hikewithme 1 year ago

    Great video, the desert is still wet here in my area too!

  • Go Further Bug 1 year ago

    Love the desert and the smell of the creosote after the rain. checking out your other video's, do you have any video's of your van set up?
    Check out our channel "Go further Bug" and subscribe if you like what you see. Looking forward to more video's.

  • Joe Silva 1 year ago

    i enjoy these videos all about the desert great job…Joe Eureka,ca

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