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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote People garden to relax, eat better, or just for fun with but being a green thumb in Northern Arizona isn’t easy. Luckily there’s an organization that’s been giving advice to flagstaff gardeners since 1990. NAZ Today’s Sarah Kolb has some tips you can use in your backyard. Video Rating: / 5 Here is an update to our rainwater gardening project in which we grow corn and squash here in the southern arizona desert. Hopefully it might encourage you to try something similar in your own area. The seeds we are using are either native to the area or are heirlooms varieties that have adapted to our specific environment. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or have similar experiences you’d like to share. Thanks for watching. The seeds that we have used in this project can be obtained from the Native Seed Search Organization in Tucson, AZ. Their site is… Video Rating: / 5

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  • mollly333 4 years ago

    Great info but your cuteness is really distracting. Can

  • LittleFarmBigDreams -Elizabeth 4 years ago

    I can totally do this where I'm at. I am on mostly flat land so when I do my permaculture setup I'll have to dig down a bit in order to create these channels like this because we also get immense, useful rains here throughout the year. Thanks for sharing!?

  • Randy Rought 4 years ago

    I generally look at your videos and go "what can I do to improve whatever you are making". The majority of the time I am just amazed and floor with your whole concept of your ideas. The majority I can't improve them. On this one I was thinking… You said that

  • Danny Carrasco 4 years ago

    Just a question….why is there so much bare soil? Would it help if it was covered by mulch or vegetation? Very organized system. I congratulate you.?

  • Robin R 4 years ago

    Thanks for the link to this update, will have to check out some of that native seed.?

  • Dave Beard 4 years ago

    Impressive and well planned out!!!!! This opens a whole new window on rain water

  • BananaSteveGardens 4 years ago

    G'day mate, I'm from Western Australia and I look at permaculture examples from Arizona because I believe you are a close climate analog to where I live. However, I have a question. Where I live corn grows in summer and we get very little summer rain. Maybe 2 or 3 rains of maybe 15mm if where lucky, usually nothing. I always have to irrigate my corn. So, I'm guessing you get more regular summer rain than we do. How long can your corn go before it needs more water?
    I'll get some vids up of my garden soon too I hope. Cheers.?

  • Trav is 4 years ago

    Good post thanks?

  • Justin Baker 4 years ago

    Nice work!?

  • Anjanet923Garden 4 years ago

    You should also check
    Pima Master Gardener (they have Facebook)
    They do plant sale the next one is in April .

    The Spring Plant Sale will be April 11, 2015, from 8-11 a.m. For more information their website is ……

  • Anjanet923Garden 4 years ago

    Awesome setup . I love that place too ( Native Seeds ) got a few seeds from them as well . ??

  • max butler 4 years ago

    Dude. Pollard the legume tree for extra nitrogen and mulch.

  • Jere Woolsey 4 years ago

    very nice project………………..look for recipes for fried squash blossoms…….I might recommend adding more perennial plants such as a fruit and nut tree orchard behind the squash.?

  • TheApothecaryAus 4 years ago


  • Alona Wilson 4 years ago

    Can you make a survival tin I will do anything you what me to?

  • edhead35 4 years ago

    How deep is the pond? ?