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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Lots of info about neem oil as well as some tips on controlling aphids thanks for a viewer’s question. *note – I know there is a lot of background noise – we live in a city, this is typical noise on a summer day* Don’t forget our 1000 subscriber contest going on right now! Rules and Instructions: check out our contest sponsors are and Like us on facebook for more personal interaction: Introduction music piece created by StatueofDiveo provided to GettingThereGreen for use in any GettingThereGreen video. For more StatueofDiveo tracks with Creative Commons License: Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • joanofarc33 7 years ago

    There are very serious & sometimes life-threatening–side effects from undiluted neem oil & also improperly diluted? neem oil. Correct ratios of dilution are vital in order to prevent dangerous responses. Indian pediatric journals document the reactions as being convulsions, irreversible brain damage, Reye’s syndrome, CNS dysfunctions, liver/kidney failure, & also possible death. Please keep the bottle away from children. Pregnant women & nursing mothers are cautioned against using neem oil.

  • Rodney Cox 7 years ago


  • GettingThereGreen 7 years ago

    ooooo I did not know about there infertility aspect of the neem oil. ? Thanks for the heads up on that. something to look into. I quickly googled it and found neem oil is even used as a contraceptive (used externally)! but it seems that it doesn’t stick around the body for long so it shouldn’t have long lasting effects but still, something to consider! ~Amanda

  • GettingThereGreen 7 years ago

    totally. and when I look at the camera, I usually look at? the little screen instead of at the camera lens anyway LOL. ~Amanda

  • GettingThereGreen 7 years ago

    oh no! and you know what? I have heard that before! that when you introduce an insect to a garden that wasn’t found there too much normally, very often within days the insects you introduced will have disappeared… likely off in search of an area they like better since there was possibly a reason that insect wasn’t found in your garden to begin with LOL. I’ve heard that? anyway. never tried it myself. ~Amanda

  • GettingThereGreen 7 years ago

    I have not. actually up until a couple years ago we were overrun with those orange asian lady bugs… those apparently were introduced in n.america to combat aphids and? such. oddly I don’t recall seeing more than a few of these (or the native red ladybugs) in the last two years. I wonder why. ~Amanda

  • GettingThereGreen 7 years ago

    I’m not an expert but my understanding is that if spray early in the morning or into the evening when the pollinators are less likely to be around, you are unlikely to harm them. Once the spray dries up on the plant, apparently it does no harm to insects other than those? that eat the plants. ~Amanda

  • marthale7 7 years ago

    I am growing a couple neem trees they are very small, but I love this tree, just? like moringa. Thank you for sharing how you use neem.

  • organicgardening987 7 years ago

    I didn’t know that you could? spray the plants with neem oil 🙂 I’ll try it 😉

  • GettingThereGreen 7 years ago

    been using the song as intro to most of our videos over the last year. only recently did youtube start? asking us to prove we are authorized to use the music. they have asked on 2 or 3 vids recently. thanks for your help! we get lots of compliments on the intro ~Amanda

  • freakygeaktwo 7 years ago

    Thanks if I get some guess I’ll give it a grave out back for the winter 😉 lol or a spot in the? back of the fridge in a paper bag 🙂 have a good week both of you.

  • imtethered1 7 years ago

    Have you ever tried buying and releasing ladybugs or Beneficial Nematodes to combat “bad” insects? ?

  • GettingThereGreen 7 years ago

    some people claim if kept properly it will? last “forever”. Amanda

  • GettingThereGreen 7 years ago

    it keeps longest if kept in a cool dark place. I don’t know specifically how long it will keep for though. probably at least a? year if kept in a cool dark place. ~Amanda

  • faeriegardener84 7 years ago

    P.S. ? I don’t blame you, Amanda, for not looking at the camera while talking…It makes more sense to talk to the person next to you than the little machine sitting several feet away lol.

  • faeriegardener84 7 years ago

    I’m so glad to see a video highlighting the benefits of neem oil 🙂 It really is a great product that deserves a more notice. The absolute only thing I have ever heard that is not so great about it is that it could possibly cause infertility if used frequently…This is only something I have read though. Also, with the Diatomaceous earth, you can mix it with water and paint it onto the base of your plants and trees? to discourage climbing bugs. That way you dont have to spread it everywhere.

  • statueofdiveo 7 years ago

    Hey, the song? worked out!

  • freakygeaktwo 7 years ago

    I thought it was? cookie monster but all I could see was the eye’s lol

  • freakygeaktwo 7 years ago

    wow that looked like some hard work what with all that pumping and lifting 😉 great demo on how to use the Neemoil,? question if one does not use the bottle up this summer is it still good to use next spring ?

  • ertyderty7 7 years ago

    Cookie? Cookie!