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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote OH MY GOD NEW THING!!! Well it was nice trying it out, now to get more stressed in the dessert as zombies try to eat ma brain. The zombies are coming

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  • Darkness34 Exe 4 years ago

    gaming beaver I need help with stargates with Jurassic world how to pass the procedure pack and I am winning a epic pack and it only 2d left plz help me your reply pro I like sharing you play pvz2 and Jurassic world play some more and also a new update toooo??

  • Mara Solis 4 years ago

    Please make another damnt video?

  • Azul Azul 4 years ago

    Hello James i would like to now if you are going to do the next level. And i like so much your program because i like plants vs zombies and jurassic world?

  • Mara Solis 4 years ago

    Can you make another video of these plants vs zombies please?

  • Angry plant toon Poppy 4 years ago

    or modern day?

  • Dade parsons 4 years ago


  • Shari Hunt 4 years ago


  • Di?m My ?o 4 years ago

    just kidding?

  • Di?m My ?o 4 years ago

    what, he don't want to make another episode. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?

  • Jerry Gilbee 4 years ago

    i deleted mine so I can have dead trigger 2?

  • Alexander Tangen 4 years ago

    what the #### are you doing
    you won=P #######?

  • Stefanie Cosme 4 years ago

    Please do more pvz2?

  • Hanz popthorn38 4 years ago

    Youre so funny and awesome so you deserve a like and a subscriber which is me :)?

  • TheGaming Zivko 4 years ago

    no more pvz2 ??/?

  • thor demolidor 4 years ago


  • Joseph Cruz 4 years ago

    Thegamingbeaver=best youtuber ever!!!!!! (
    And im not doing this for a shoutout because its true)?

  • Jia Yi Tan 4 years ago

    Just telling?

  • Jia Yi Tan 4 years ago

    The gaming beaver, the potato mine must be planted 3 tiles away from the zombie so it can explode on time.?

  • Cristian Franze 4 years ago

    If u have all of your lawnmowers at the final wave u already won, why did u restart?

  • z gholian 4 years ago

    I just sub because of PVZ 2…
    DO mOOre………………………………?