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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Top 10 Edible Plants, Cactus, and Trees for the Arizona Desert! In this video Jake Mace shows you his top 10 Edible Sonoran Desert Plants, Bushes, Cacti (Cactus), and Trees for the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe Area! These edible plants, cactus, and trees can be a beautiful and delicious part of your home landscape! Hit the “Like” button, Click “SUBSCRIBE”, Comment Below, and Share this Video! Friend me on Facebook at Check out my website at Sign up for Jake Mace’s Email List at Check out my other YouTube channels at:

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  • Anthony A 5 years ago

    we are going through a severe drought in southern

  • 03focussvt943 5 years ago


    Cacti. ;-)?

  • oAINGIRYo 5 years ago

    your so right about our landscape in Tucson,

  • philipee32 5 years ago

    No cannabis disappointing. ?

  • philipee32 5 years ago

    Your shits must be very exotic looking. ?

  • orange moonglows 5 years ago

    u must not live in one of those hoa's.?

  • Kaho Fotyfar 5 years ago

    Amazing ?

  • JamesR3d 5 years ago

    Those wolf berry bushes grow naturally in the wash that runs through my property.?

  • Dylan Castle 5 years ago

    I dont usually give videos a "like" , but you deserve atleast that.
    Good job, and nice garden ?

  • Kelly Richardson 5 years ago

    Great video Jake. I love how you lead into each plant and its uses. Thanks you for sharing your knowledge and planting new ideas's (Peruvian Apple).?

  • Iraj Hameed 5 years ago
  • Iraj Hameed 5 years ago


  • Denise Murray 5 years ago

    I love your channel. Well done. Very informative! ?

  • bouhala abdelbari 5 years ago

    good job man. look for Brad Lancster nearby. he is very skillful in that!!!?

  • essentially kim 5 years ago

    Hey Jake. Did you amend your soil before you planted your cactus? I want to start an edible desert plant garden on the south/west side of my house. Nothing grows there. I'm thinking maybe I should amend the ground before I put anything in there.?

  • Sean Rafferty 5 years ago

    Jake, would you be willing to trade some of those mesquite beans for something else? I would really like a mesquite tree.?

  • Lene Ring 5 years ago

    You should have write down the names of each plant. ?

  • Soco Joe 5 years ago

    Very Nice Presentation Jake, awesome!
    I didn't realize there are so many native to AZ that are Edible, thx for the info..

  • R From 5 years ago

    Ironwood trees keep ground temperatures, on average, 15 F cooler than sun-exposed soil temperatures which can reach 148F+ here in the Sonoran desert. Like mesquites, ironwoods, members of the legume family (peas et al.), also fix nitrogen in the soil. Additionally, because of their density and (unlike yours, so far) slow growth, the heartwood of an ironwood is actually toxic to termites leaving healthy ironwoods relatively unaffected by such pests, the wood from a desert ironwood weighs in at a whopping 66-75 lbs per cubic foot. Lastly, it is thought they can live up to 800 years, however because of their density, ring-count dating is difficult. So, trim that bad-boy back and give yourself some shade on a hot summer day.?

  • nc spencer 5 years ago

    Thank you for "teaching" us how to grow, find and live off the land with these amazing plants. We will be heading that way to live off the grid and needed to know more about what and how to grow a garden in AZ. We look forward to watching more of your channel!?