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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote In this video I give a tour of the top ten most beautiful mid-spring flowers in my central Arizona desert garden, filmed May 5th 2018. These are primarily low-water flowers that need little to no supplemental irrigation once established. (It has been a very doughty winter). For more videos on my zone 8 desert oasis which is also a permaculture fruit forest please see my channel playlists. Music: Childish Gambino- Redbone *** HELLO FRIENDO! I’m excited to get to know you. Want to know me? 1) Like, comment, and subscribe: Let me know where you are watching from! 2) Follow me on Instagram: @supersensitivehuman (Insta is my favorite social media. Feel free to send me a DM to let me know you’re a subscriber. This is somewhat better than email as I can get a sense for who you really are.) 3) You may also send mail and inquiries to 4) Check out my writing on my blog: I have a mailing list to alert you of new posts. I WOULD LOVE YOUR $ $ $ UPPORT. HERE ARE A FEW WAYS: 1) Support for FREE! by dragging this Amazon link into your browser bar favorites and using it every time you make a purchase. I will receive a percent of your purchase: 2) Paypal donation: 3) Donate Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin: 13qmZZV78K7ZciYyUQb3S9eS2u7jmaSb9L Ethereum: 0x9F4c6025c8533C7d97D4A528DB0354ae2206Cf2c Litecoin: Le7mDLGDyHwbq3hdnCNjhbkGndKKHEpAgB Video Rating: / 5


  • Elizabeth Klimas 10 months ago

    Emily nice garden in desert – very much needed information on plants/trees/veggies that grows well in desert and how to care for them – the desert garden club & exchange

  • Matt Sheldon 10 months ago

    Very cool, thanks for the tips for low water desert plants!

  • Indreamspirit official music 10 months ago

    I love the colors of your flowers, i think your super amazing, awesome what your doing and watching you in your garden makes it more of a pleasure, dig the music:)

  • Jesus Souless 10 months ago

    i think that trumpet flower is a dutchmans pipe.

  • Beautiful! Nice work. There's a flower that grows wild here along the roadsides (Louisiana) called Evening Primrose that's very similar to your Mexican Primrose. Your Autumn Sage is really cool. I'm partial to the native, wild sort of flowers.

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