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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Shawna Coronado shows three really simple and easy ways to organically fertilize your garden; compost, liquid fertilizer, and rotted manure. See more of Shawna at

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  • TheEyesOFsilence 7 years ago

    Awesome video! I love how she? keeps breaking out in laughter, she made gardening look funnier.

  • TheCasualGardener 7 years ago

    Irrigation is hooked up to municipal water and only used in drought. I typically water with rainbarrel water. And yes, I do? companion plant. 🙂

  • LUVallova 7 years ago

    Is you irrigation hooked up to your cisterns as well or is it municipal water?
    Do you companion plant??

  • NashvilleLandscaping 7 years ago

    Great video and? great ideas. Thanks

  • imre sy 7 years ago

    aemenea fantani se fac cu RECIRCULARE este pentru efect! ?

  • imre sy 7 years ago

    Daca vrei gradina complect lipsita de chimicale mergi intr-o tara saraca acolo oameni nu au bani de chimicale?

  • Daniel Johnson 7 years ago

    For some reason that cow manure got me really turned on. Honestly though? I love what you do with your sustainable gardens. I’m gonna have to get your book and then marry you.

  • Ian B 7 years ago

    Can you be more specific about the type of liquid fertilizer? that is good for organic gardens?

  • spearfishies 7 years ago

    Stop DoC and the so called Animal Health Board (AHB) from? spreading 1080 poison over our forests, streams and? waterways.
    See the results at:

  • TheCasualGardener 7 years ago

    Thanks Cynthia!!?

  • Thanks for sharing!? I love your garden too.

  • Multavita 7 years ago

    Hey Shawna, great video! I would love to hear you talk about herbicide and pesticide contamination in manure, compost, mulch, etc. The only way? to clean-up these toxins for the organic garden is with activated charcoal products like Biogize-SD Soil Detox. Soil scientists are now saying herbicides can stay in the soil for years affecting your plants and your health. Thanks again!

  • Sid Prince 7 years ago

    Very funny? comments 🙂 Good video, thank you ??

  • TheCasualGardener 7 years ago

    Let me? rephrase it. Look at that plant. It is beautiful.

  • MrTrustafox 7 years ago

    “look at that,? it is beautiful”……..I think the correct English is ‘they are beautiful’!….. lol

  • rohitisalwayspositiv 7 years ago

    Really nice!! 😕 )

  • soler225 7 years ago

    watch her vid on making a 500 Gal water tank

  • TheCasualGardener 7 years ago

    Thanks! 🙂


  • Teresa Fawkes 7 years ago

    Your? yard is beautiful, love the fountain.

  • dubargd 7 years ago

    very nice garden! find a farmer that has horses in a barn. watch my compost video. best? compost i have ever used. makes beautiful tomatos and veggies.

  • soulreaperichig0 7 years ago

    2:59 the vase fountain is wasting so? much water 🙁

  • theajtruth 7 years ago

    I? want my future wife to be like you.

  • alan30189 7 years ago

    I don’t think anyone was looking at? the rotted manure at 1:05. 😉

  • alan30189 7 years ago

    Did you ever consider Vermicomposting and fertilizing your plants with vermicompost? tea? I think a small vermicompost bin, perhaps a flow-through system would be a great addition to your organic gardening efforts.

  • SupaNami 7 years ago

    @ 2:34? i wasn’t looking @ the Rotted manure