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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Top 40 Best Modern Landscape Design Ideas | Modern Garden Style – A modern or contemporary landscape is defined by its emphasis on strong structural and graphic elements, clean lines and unusual materials. It’s bold, often stark, with strong visual lines running throughout and with the hardscape playing a much more important role than the plantings. It also appeals to modern sensibilities by blending the indoors with the outside world. – The pergola overhead may be built of steel rather than wood, and industrial watering troughs rather than terra-cotta pots may serve as planters. Your waterfall may drop from the roof rather than meander through the garden, and what lawn you have will no longer be the focal point of the backyard. * Surprisingly adaptable. If your home’s style is bold and strong, a traditional garden just won’t do. But the style and its applications have evolved. It is surprisingly adaptable, working well with Asian, Southwestern, natural and even, with some adjustments, cottage designs. * Low-maintenance and calming. People have also discovered how well a modern landscape fits into a modern lifestyle. With its simplicity and clean lines, the modern garden can easily become a relaxing and calming retreat. Because there is more of an emphasis on hardscaping, contemporary landscapes are generally more low maintenance. An added bonus in many parts of the country is that a contemporary landscape also tends to be much more drought tolerant. ……………………………………….. – If you think this video is useful for you. + Please support me: PayPal.Me/countryhomeDk + Subscribe for more videos: -Thanks for watching!😍😍😍 – CONTACT: Youtube: Pinterest: #modern #landscape #design Video Rating: / 5 👍 Subscribe and View more DIY Garden Project here: 👍 If you like our video don’t […]


  • Son K 3 weeks ago

    Gosh, I hit the Like button before I watched the video. But when I heard that automated voice, I feel like hitting the Dislike button instead. The video content is good, but please no automated voice. In fact, just put some soothing music and the video content will do its thing.

  • Tinyhome deals 3 weeks ago

    Best parts was stone wall with circle out cut trimed in wood and the floating wood bench coming out of the stone wall.

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