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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote John from shares with you the top 7 crops that have done really well in his hot summer desert garden where the temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees. In this episode John will take you around his back yard vegetable garden and share with you these crops and tell you more about them. After watching this episode, you are sure to learn about some proven winners that will allow you to grow food in the hot summer garden. Video Rating: / 5

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  • MrTeenwolf82 5 years ago

    What month should i plant bitter melon.?

  • Kali Ezell 5 years ago

    You have been so helpful! I just bought my first house, and am a beginner. I try my best to get as many organic phytonutrients in my diet as possible, and what better way then to grow the plants myself?I have no idea what I'm doing and being in AZ does not make it any easier. You have been a God send! Keep doing what you do. :)?

  • Vivian Sudhir 5 years ago

    Well compiled video. Really good.?

  • Zevil Gehannivani 5 years ago

    thank you a lot I needed this kind of help.?

  • Nikki Tennison 5 years ago

    Okra is a dynamic accumulator?

  • cynthia386 5 years ago

    The only thing I have been able to grow in the hot summer heat is

  • ciprian ionut 5 years ago

    Hi Jhon I Sebastian and I want to do a aquaponic in Phillipines where is hot weather
    And to grow lettuce can you say me please how to grow it in hot weather from seed to maturity .
    Would be very helpful if you coukd help me with few tips?

  • Pedro Silv 5 years ago

    All those plants need a lot of water, I would suggest better, nut trees, nopals, olive trees, or oaks wich you can eeat acorns from, i heard palo verde also give eatable fruits but all those plants from this video will evaporate a lot of water and wont grow strong roots, if you grow trees you,ll have to water then just the first years and after they will do ok.?

  • Linda Bloom 5 years ago

    What's your recipe for eggplant bacon??

  • Linda Bloom 5 years ago


  • MeerEarthlings 5 years ago

    you really are a badass man?

  • Phoenix Andromeda 5 years ago

    The Round Up in one of your videos delivers you from integrity into complete BS. Shame would be looking Up for you if you were even Relevant.?

  • Mike Pilotte 5 years ago

    Excellent source of information, thanks.?

  • Shaun Dinan 5 years ago

    I chuckled at the "Whole Paycheck" joke. But I am headed to a farm in Arizona Desert and they are going to share the land so thanks for the info!?

  • Medic Ken 5 years ago

    Dude, why do you have to yell in all your videos??

  • paintur68 5 years ago

    Okra! Gross!

  • 7weedganja 5 years ago

    Do u have a son named Gabe?

  • sheillaen2 5 years ago

    what happen to your arm?

  • MLee04 5 years ago

    Have any suggestions for trying to grow in places like Alaska in a rainy summer climate? Is it possible to grow inside or just build a heated shed to grow in? I would prefer to be outside but I am not sure how that will work out. I want to juice a lot and eat raw. Produce is super expensive here.

  • martysgarden 5 years ago

    Sound like you have Cabbage Moth, You may want to try and bring more natural predators into the garden to clean them up. I hope John doesn't mind me answering the question. Do research on Cabbage moth and take action. ps: Avoid those chemical sprays, they just kill of all the beneficial insects and your problem will increase. Happy Gardening Marty