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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is in Richmond on the outskirts of London, and is one of the most amazing gardens in the world. It has an extraordinary diversity of plants, over 14,000 trees and it is all set within a vast and beautiful landscape layered with history and heritage. There is always something new happening at Kew Gardens; new festivals, new events, new displays to see and enjoy. Kew Gardens’ Top Attractions featured here are: Kew’s Old Lions These old trees include the ginko (or maiden hair) tree which is one of Kew’s oldest, dating back to 1762 when it was planted by Princess Augusta and Prince Frederick. Kew Palace A rich history spanning nearly 400 years, it is also here that the original botanic gardens at Kew began. The Pagoda Built in 1762 for Princess Augusta, the Pagoda is open to the public the first time in eight years. Don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to climb to the top — until September 7th 2014. The Waterlily House Designed and built in 1852 by Richard Turner, the star in here is the Victoria cruziana, the leaves of which can grow to 1 metre across. We also have the smallest waterlily in the world which no longer exists in the wild — so we’ve saved it from extinction. The Marianne North gallery Showcasing more than 800 paintings of plants and flowers The Arboretum A living library of trees, every tree is a page, every tree has a story – a wealth of information and knowledge. The Princess of Wales Conservatory With ten different climatic zones this is the most complex glasshouse at Kew. You can feel the changing environments from the desert to the rain forest. […]


  • Jenny Hill 1 year ago

    Great video but the music is much too loud and very annoying.

  • Khalid Shulgami 1 year ago

    Kew.. I love kew

  • Grigoris Deoudis 1 year ago

    Great for us plant-holics ! If you feel like visiting Holland, don't forget to check out Keukenhof , one of the world's largest flower gardens, situated in Lisse, South Holland, in the Netherlands. ✌

  • AJAY StatusbFactory 1 year ago


  • ayu odagiri 1 year ago

    this is a beautiful garden if you love plants and trees, otherwise, you might find yourself bored . my honest opinion. entrance fees are not cheap as well! best times to visit, definitely summer!

  • Daniele's Animations :3 1 year ago

    I been there it's amazing

  • iledoffard 1 year ago

    Not forgetting the Christmas as Kew event:

  • twinkle twinkle 1 year ago

    such a delight

  • Street Food 1 year ago


  • derealovefestival Survival 1 year ago

    Been many times a lovely place to visit..

  • Daniela Mattos 1 year ago

    I love Kew garden. .I worked there lovely place the best job in London.

  • Baruch Spinosa 1 year ago

    People dislike this video? Don’t get it

  • Lucas Doughty 1 year ago

    Going there TOMMOROW #schooltrips

  • LoTe Clan 1 year ago

    I'm going today exited

  • Vasana Don 1 year ago

    Arghhh….why is the background music so loud? Could hardly hear the people talk. 🙁

  • Bayezidh Tanu 1 year ago

    Love from Bangladesh 🙂

  • Ronald Na nakorn 1 year ago

    It beautiful garden

  • S P R I N G D A Y 1 year ago

    the greenhouse is soo hot

  • 1stBumbleBeeMaster 1 year ago

    Kew Gardens is an absolute amazing place. I am not just saying this but if you ever get the chance to go and visit then go. If you like plants and nature you will not be dissapointed. There is so much to see and learn about. 1 day looking round the place is not enough.
    I thought I had a lot of trees until I went to Kew Gardens.

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