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    strawberry? pincushion the best in the desert

  • desertsurvivalist 7 years ago

    maybe, but there are people that harvest these because they like them or they want to plant them in their yards not just for survival. The digging stick was the traditional way of harvest by native tribes? for thousands of years. Even with the digging stick there wasn’t that much effort to twist the rocks out of the way. It would take the average person around 12 or 13 minutes to burn 100 calories by chopping and splitting wood. Edibles are pretty scarce out there that’s for sure.

  • MTNMANTIM 7 years ago

    great? info. as always. thank you

  • desertsurvivalist 7 years ago

    @calibanvideo I was but now I have a? Streamlight Sidewinder.

  • EarthBlue2 7 years ago

    I really like? the way you have your gear set up in this video. Another great video.

  • Urbanwild1 7 years ago

    Nice set of videos–very informative, nicely filmed, good sound quality. Thanks for sharing your knowledge? of desert plants!

  • SolemAris 7 years ago

    You? are having a buffet out there……hahahahaha
    Great knowledge of the wilderness .
    Very useful content.

  • practicalsurvivor 7 years ago

    Thanks? for taking the time to share this level of knowledge John. Great information.

  • desertsurvivalist 7 years ago

    I use the LBE mostly during the hotter months, mostly because I can carry more water with it and have it at the ready. I have tested the Smoke Jumper pretty well. Mostly for EDC use and carry. I am pretty impressed? with it myself. There are other plants that can be used for a snake bite but they are all iffy and if the bite goes into a vein they will do very little to help. On most bites the Desert Plantain I mentioned is awesome for the treatment.

  • BushcraftOnFire 7 years ago

    Great series on Wild edible in the bush John! Thanks for taking? the time to do these videos Bro!

  • musclesmatthews 7 years ago

    Awesome videos? man!

  • Patriot36 7 years ago

    Love this series John! This is really good stuff so thanks for sharing your knowledge. You’re going to be fully ambidextrous by the time your hand heals fully.

    P.S. Were’ going to have to work on a new flashlight for you brother. I’m sure you’d rather carry? more water than “bad” weight. I’ll see what I can do for you. : )

  • MrCortez0003 7 years ago

    i? cant watch your videos any more because fo this HTML5 crap does anyone have any suggestions

  • practicalsurvivor 7 years ago

    Great video? John. 5+++

  • SurvivalWithBushcraf 7 years ago

    God? made dirt. Dirt do’t hurt! I like that a lot. It will be useful with the kids. Thanks.

  • hinckleypoland 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing.?

  • cbr6864 7 years ago

    love the old school Y-harness!!! my buddies give me a hard time when i break mine? out but it was cheap and works

  • Garcia Doyle 7 years ago

    dude i always get so thirsty watching your vids,thanks man please do a vid on your carry? system.

  • ppspsd 7 years ago

    Hey brother wheres the condor,camo pants, pistol? This? gear is all I use some about 20+ yrs!! Like the vids alot!

  • jwilson004athotmail 7 years ago

    nice bro, looking? forward to the plants class at the gathering this year!!”always a student, never a master”

  • JimboJitsu 7 years ago

    great video bro!
    Thanks for? sharing!

  • desertsurvivalist 7 years ago

    Sure! I will do one soon. I have had this thing? for around 14 years and has not failed me yet. Cant beat real military issue gear!

  • ConnerPlainLiving 7 years ago

    I like the carry system. Could you do a video on it? I’ve been looking at alternatives to rucksacks.?