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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Think back to our summer tour video when we offered up three Peruvian apple cactus cuttings. Today we are visiting our Number 2 winner, Luis!! Luis and his brother David generously gave us a tour of their edible backyard, full of all kinds of tropical and subtropical plants! We are so happy to have had the opportunity to have met Luis and can’t wait to meet more of the GREEN ARMY in person! In the meantime, find us on Instagram or Facebook @GreeniesGarden so we can virtually connect with you! And as always, have an AWESOME day!!! Music is: Firebrand Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Video Rating: / 5 Dự án The Phoenix Garden mở bán các căn biệt thự đẹp nhất: 0936.535.828 Video Rating: / 5


  • Mrs.Layton'sClass 1 year ago

    great vid!! where did you get the drum music! Its awesome and I woukd love to get it

  • jennifer wilson 1 year ago

    Some of us are plants lovers.

  • Cindyfromaz 1 year ago

    Great garden Luis!

  • SuzyQ 1 year ago

    Wonderful garden. Thanks, Luis and David for allowing us to see it.

  • Edwin Lo 1 year ago

    awesome place we just got a tour of his place today! you guys are all awesome

  • Debra Arizona 1 year ago

    That is so nice to see a variety of exotic plants that flourish in Az…I live in phoenix can you recommend a place where I can purchase exotic plants or does that guy sell already potted plants…Awsome video,really enjoyed it.

  • boredtodeath 1 year ago

    I'm not gonna lie,you two told me about this on Thanksgiving,and I thought it was a litte ridiculous,but this is pretty interesting!

  • Sabita Chhetri 1 year ago

    I think you guy should post video every 3 days

  • kiick 23 1 year ago

    hey guys im david luis little brother

  • Joseph Lynn 1 year ago

    Awesome guys. Keep visiting these urban farms man. I can't get enough.

  • dust man 1 year ago

    Congrats Luis! Nice trees and amazing pepper plant! Jealous of you all and your fruit trees. Thanks for the tour Brandon an Alyssa! My apple cactus is doing great by the way, looks plump and healthy and even putting on some new growth.

  • BobMels Gardens 1 year ago

    California shirt and hat this time. Great tour. Happy Thanksgiving. Best wishes Bob.

  • Marc M 1 year ago

    Brandon and Alyssa I can see the TV show now! Wow that was fun to watch! (: as always love the positive attitude! Me and my garden thank you ! Luis nice backyard thanks again ! Have an awesome day !

  • eloisa aguilera 1 year ago

    That is awesome. Great idea. I live in Texas and always think because of the crazy weather I can't have a nice garden, but I guess I can. Thank You for the inspiration.

  • Fish Grow Greens 1 year ago

    Awesome spot Luis!

  • Luis Flores 1 year ago

    nice! thanks again guys for coming out!

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