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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote I have been a collector of Cacti and a limited amount of Succulents since 1993 . Here is the largest half of my family in the Allotment Greenhouse . Started to get back into collecting in 2006 . Returned to BCSS Bromley branch in recent years , not Croydon my old branch . 2013 was manic with buying Cacti plants from IKEA . Luckily I know most of the names . Enjoy ! More clips to come . .


  • djpuffthethird 7 months ago

    I also lost the big Astrophytum Ornatum and Myrisostigma hyb this season . But the Astrophytum Myriostigma nudum is still going , and thanks to treatment . It's beginning to move finaly in the growth department . . It's had a few flowers and i've missed them . but more buds to come , so i brought it back to the South facing window in my flat , so I don't miss the rest of the butter yellow flowers . I hoping for many more years with that plant.

  • Hank's Cactus 7 months ago

    I like your musical cactus!

  • NEIL 75 7 months ago

    Cactus name at 2.05??

  • Cracker Boxy 7 months ago

    That buingingii is almost like a white barrel. Didn't realise they get that big.

  • Robert Hardwick 7 months ago

    How often do you water your plants? I live in Canada,so I keep mine inside during the winter…

  • Debasish Das 7 months ago

    Dear D.J.You got awesome collection.Do you sell them?

  • Debasish Das 7 months ago

    Very rich collection.Great to watch.
    How to have them?

  • Marcel Veldbloem 7 months ago

    Hi Lovely collection
    Was wondering what the full name is at 3.53 Noto …
    The one in the middle of your designed pots, thanks

  • Bettyboohoo Boo 7 months ago

    I love them!!! Beautiful!

  • Big Chief 7 months ago

    In me greenhas

  • mildred escol 7 months ago

    Huges cacti collections. Thank you for sharing!

  • Matthew Clark 7 months ago

    brilliant video thankyou

  • Emre Kuzu 7 months ago

    nice video thanks

  • Maria Debreczeni 7 months ago

    wanderfool thanks!!

  • cactusnik 7 months ago

    You got awesome cacti dude!

  • El Saúco 7 months ago

    Nice collection. Pretty cool video.

  • farkhanda tabassum 7 months ago

    can we grow moon cactus directly in soil

  • Kleines Wichtelchen 7 months ago

    What is the name of the cactus at 3:07? I have the same but I don't know its name.

  • Adventures With Wild Warrior Bill 7 months ago

    do you sell any at markets and stuff mate?

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