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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Transplanting herbs and peppers I planted indoors grown from seed back in Nov and Dec 2010. They are easy to grow indoors and I love harvesting them and drying the herbs for cooking. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    , fish emulsion works too.. compost tea? is great to use.. I like it but have to take the time to get ready but highly recommended

  • cfenster 7 years ago

    Is the compost the only fertilizer those peppers? get? That and compost tea is all I use.

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    , thanks? , and appreciate you stopping by! 😉

  • TheUrbanOutdoors 7 years ago

    plants? looking great

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    , thanks? Lark as always, I actually started these in 6 packs, cause I only did a few for personal use, the rest of the seed will be started in trays . I will leave them in a 4 inch as long as I feel they are doing well, I will step up a pot or two when they seem really rootbound. For the greenhouse I usually only transplant one time into a small pot .

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    , thanks, peppers do require some patience.. they? love heat for germination. I use bottom heat and I believe they germ in around 7-10 days, good luck I hope you can get some to work.

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    , yes we have to heat it I wish we didn’t as it gets alittle spendy but really don’t have a choice..? and yes I am excited.. my basement is getting full and must do some moving out to make more room.

  • Lois Laney 7 years ago

    I need to get busy and do some transplanting too. I wish I had your table. Bet your excited about getting out in your green house. Do you heat? it at all?

  • pinetar100 7 years ago

    peppers look great….haveing a hard time? trying to ger some peppers…..little to cold i am thinking

  • LARK KULIKOWSKI 7 years ago

    Excellent video.? Were these 6 packs originally in a flat and you transplanted them into 6 packs and now into 4″ pots? When do you put the 4″ pots into bigger pots?