Travis Scott loses its cactus beverage brand because Astroworld pollutes “marketing”

As the Astroworld tragedy tarnished his reputation in marketing, a beverage sponsored by rapper Travis Scott is being discontinued. Alcoholic beverage giant Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) announced on Friday that it has stopped producing Cacti, a hard soda brand co-produced with Scott. The company first confirmed the news to TMZ, and then AdAge also reported the news. “After careful evaluation, we decided to stop all production and brand development of CACTI Agave Spiked Seltzer,” AB InBev told TMZ. “We believe that brand fans will understand and respect this decision.” Although Anheuser-Busch InBev did not specify that the Astroworld incident was the driving factor of the decision, the move was made after 10 spectators were killed at the Scott Music Festival in Houston Only one month. Less than a year ago, the tequila-flavored alcoholic soda brand first hit the shelves. Scott’s representative claimed to TMZ that the decision to withdraw from the Cacti brand was a joint decision because the rapper temporarily turned his attention away from commercial risks. “Travis made it clear in the interview that he is not focusing on business now, and his first task is to help his community and fans recover,” the representative said. “CACTI asks AB InBev to notify their wholesalers that no products will be available at this time.” Newsweek contacted AB InBev for comments. After the Astroworld tragedy on November 5, AB InBev is the latest brand partner to distance itself from Scott. Nike has successfully cooperated with the rapper since 2017, and announced on November 15 that it will postpone the launch of Air Max 1 x Cactus Jack according to the situation. After the incident, Scott’s portrait and related dance moves were removed from Epic Games’ very popular video game Fortnite. General Mills has publicly stated that it has no future plans for Scott, who once added luster to the company’s Reese’s Puffs cereal. A project between Scott and the film production company Mega64 was also cancelled the day after Space World in 2021. After Scott’s hugely successful deal in 2020, including lucrative partnerships with McDonald’s, Sony, and WarnerMedia, he lost sponsorship and business partners. In total, his total corporate sponsorship last year was approximately US$100 million. Because of his extensive and successful business partner portfolio, some people, such as marketer Anthony Scott and XXL Magazine, once called the rapper a “marketing genius.” Some brands continue to work with Scott. Better Help, an online treatment application, collaborated with him to provide free consultations for Astroworld participants. Christian Dior also confirmed that the “Cactus Jack Dior” produced by Scott will still enter the store in January. All data comes from the source: Article link: #scott #newsbbc #newsyearseve #news #americannews #usnews #usanews.


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