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  • Gasky 1 year ago

    Legend has it plug rides his horse everywhere

  • K Stacks 1 year ago

    damn this shouldve been in my inbox

  • AlonzoFitness 1 year ago

    made a song to this, honest feedback would be appreciated.

  • Android Gaming Pro 1 year ago

    stroke my cactus TBP

  • Zhanna Zhigaylova 1 year ago

    аmаzing videо! Guys рlеase ratе mу hot vidеo оn my сhаnnеl. Who liкed this vidео, click "like" )

  • Jugg Beats 1 year ago

    icey bruh bruh

  • Tyrele Leach 1 year ago

    How much ?

  • AwonBeats 1 year ago

    Can you please make a trash beat one day? So I won't have to repeat myself all over again saying that it's the best beat ever

  • Anas BeatZ 1 year ago

    guys help me ti get more subscribers !!

  • Joshua Serrano 1 year ago

    Ima a real g I never switch
    Not even for no bitch
    Talk reckless my trigger finger gonna twitch.
    Leave ya whole crew hit
    Then I'm reload the stick
    Y'all suck in my flow like a tick
    So many baddies don't know which ones to pick
    Bag em all that's my new trick
    Snap a nigga like a stick then light his top like a wick
    Bands thick like a brick
    And nah I don't care not even a lil bit
    That's how it always been
    Ima nice guy then a monster like Ben ten
    Opening the omitricks
    Then Change to a nigga that I've never been
    Write so much I need a new pen
    Squad fulla savage men
    Bands so thick they don't bend
    So they stay asking for money for me to lend
    Copying my style like it's a trend
    I let em do it but it all depends
    Rocking all pollo
    You know how it go tho
    She bounce on my dick like a pogo
    Talking behind my back nogga that is a low blow
    Make me come to you doh
    Cocking back shells making you scream oh ""

  • Joshua Serrano 1 year ago

    Stuck I'm my ways
    Need a new wave
    Shit not the same
    Never been the same
    Beast to wild to tame
    Flow reckless it will put y'all to shame
    Stuck switching lanes
    Always driving don't care bout the rain
    Thoughts hit hard like a train
    Over an over nothing new in my brain
    Smokin hella strains
    Shells blast off like a rocket
    Putting y'all to shame
    Like I care if you die you always been a lame

  • Kasky Beats 1 year ago

    This beats is harder than horse dick

  • Young Leon 1 year ago

    Guys could you take a minute and listen to my music! Thanks!

  • sid shinde 1 year ago

    art pic please !!!!

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