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  • LittleFarmBigDreams -Elizabeth 4 years ago

    Isn't Desert Broom technically the same thing as Creosote? God, nature is so amazing! Imagine that…a plant that thrives in the desert that in itself can bring down your body temp!!!! Marvelous!!!

  • Oh Yeah! 4 years ago

    Wow that's super cool! I know that bush, it grows everywhere, even in So. Cal. Thanks for sharing. 

  • 420Homestead™ 4 years ago

    +spacebunz   Though of this when you mentioned you have had heatstroke.  

  • DanielLionheart1 4 years ago

    Great vid!

  • 420Homestead™ 4 years ago

    yeah he ıs just someone wıth nothıng better to do then troll channels that are tryıng to be productıve. he creates a new channel almost daıly! lol! ıs ıt wrong to hope that he gets heat stoke and dıes?

  • Riding With Wranglerdave 4 years ago

    this ignorant fuck M3On3BadMF0er that you blocked has shown his true colors and i'm glad you blocked his stupid ignorant ass

  • 420Homestead™ 4 years ago

    go fuck yourself bıtch! BLOCKED!!!

  • M3On3BadMF0er 4 years ago

    ah shit i found the cracker ch here. Fucking white fags talking bout bushes. I'm fucking your woman as you made dis video bro.

  • 420Homestead™ 4 years ago

    It will be easier to do a quick video showing you how i have my settings. I will keep the video private and send you a link. Thanks for watching! glad you like my channel!

  • misspairo 4 years ago

    hey buddy i really like how you have your channel set up with the diff real freakin random on my channel and id like to know what you did to create the playlist things?

  • 420Homestead™ 4 years ago

    yeah not a lot of channels that have videos about the desert.

  • 420Homestead™ 4 years ago

    I really don't know if it is alright to swallow the plant or not. i would say swallowing a little is alright but not to much because it is really fibrous and may stop you up. kinda like grass is alright to chew and suck the juice but if you swallow to much it will clog you digestive tract.

  • 420Homestead™ 4 years ago

    yeah you should have them somewhere in your area.

  • 420Homestead™ 4 years ago

    oh i really have no idea if they could grow there or not. i would be willing to send you some seeds if you want to try growing them. i will have to wait till the fall when they will have seeds on them. but if your interested i could send you some of the plant for you to use if you needed it this summer.

  • Iwillbedurnd 4 years ago

    Boy it's good to have some desert info going on.

  • Low Buck 4 years ago

    I've around those things for almost 30 yrs and thought they were useless. AWESOME info brother. Question, after chewing them and swallowing the juices is it harmfull to swallow the plant itself after chewing or do you have to spit it out?

  • The Self Sufficient Life 4 years ago

    Would be interesting to see if I could grow it here. The heat of summer isn´t very long but can get very hot and AC is practically non-existent here. Would be useful for so I could keep working because I am prone to heat injuries for some reason.

  • Gardeninggirl1107 4 years ago

    I love your tips. I think we have these plants at the base of some hills not far from here…

  • 420Homestead™ 4 years ago

    yes it is very interesting. this summer i am going to try it out and see if it will really keep me cool.

  • 420Homestead™ 4 years ago

    you should be able to find it. i have never been to vegas but i know this stuff is all over the desert southwest so you should have it.

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