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  • Xólotl Mēxihcah 1 month ago

    How are the plants doing now? What were the results of this experiment? Even if this experiment failed, it would be very informative to know the cause.

  • DEVONFAWN 1 month ago

    Well you stated you would be doing follow-up videos but it's been 6 years can you tell us anything

  • jesse jones 1 month ago

    that wire mesh wont keep anything out

  • Yolo Swag 1 month ago

    Hi, I would very much appreciate an update. Thank you.

  • Balázs Tivadar 1 month ago

    How were the seeds doing? Pieter Hoff teaches that it is not the best and eventually it is not advised to plant seeds with the waterboxx but rather seedlings or saplings.

  • phillip staton 1 month ago

    Do You have an update to share with us? a video is not necessary. words would be fine

  • phillip staton 1 month ago

    Thank You for sharing with all of us. Can you tell me where I can order some and the price per unit? Again Thank You

  • moumujai 1 month ago

    no news is good news, is not always true. I guess the plan does not work.

  • Martha Jane 1 month ago

    As the rest of the people commenting, I'm interested in the results of your Waterboxx experiment.  We are in Central Texas, trying to use native oak trees (other than Live Oak) to reforest a rocky hilltop that has been suffering from oak wilt, erosion and cedar infestation.  We are using 10 of the Waterboxxes this coming weekend to get started.  Can you give everyone an update now at the three year mark since your initial video?

  • matt cure 1 month ago

    any update?

  • waco99 1 month ago

    And the rest of the test what happened? Its works or what?

  • fischparov 1 month ago

    You need some microphone help lol…I beleive strongly that our US deserts need massive tree plantings on giant scales

  • Ali Moonbat 1 month ago

    Dear Mr. Schneider

    I am leaving in a similar enviroment to the one you tried to plant some trees .

    I noticed you did the documentry movie in March 2011 , it is exactly 2 years back from now .

    So could you share your experince with the WATERBOXX , How much was it effective and help you to grow some trees in the middle of the desert.

    As you know alot of companies promise a lot of things until they get your money , your opinion and detail experince are very important to me .

  • Carlos Miller 1 month ago

    So, what happened? I'm interested in using these in a very dry climate as well and was curious about your results.

  • rbookstore 1 month ago

    I'm interested in seeing an update.

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