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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Twitter: @heikki_360 Siempre son de agradecer todos los comentarios y likes, no cuesta nada y aunque no lo creais significan mucho para los autores de los videos. Trials Fusion || Road to… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Pixies Live from Newport {accoustic}

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  • Estrimo TDJ 6 years ago

    yo estoy frustrado en las ultimas fases del juego, deseando que llegues ?

  • Tratar

  • Heikki360ES 6 years ago
  • Samantha K 6 years ago

    some hardcore acousticing… +Matthew Hicks !?

  • Matthew Hicks 6 years ago
  • hxzxxl 6 years ago

    no way.

  • satanicinternational 6 years ago


  • crankthetoto 6 years ago

    Hi, I’m melanoma!

  • Daniel S 6 years ago

    @irshgrl500 EDGY, that’s the fucking word!

  • bigerch85 6 years ago

    @leiposuctie how dare you compare QOTSA and the pixies,a different class my

  • leiposuctie 6 years ago

    @bluecrow00 queens of the stone age – make it with chu, slightly sexier

  • bluecrow00 6 years ago

    that is probably the sexiest song ever

  • MassHero 6 years ago

    Did they do this? Is this the original? Or did Bowie do the original and
    this is a cover? I have no idea, it’s not that I’m ignorant.

  • Safelith 6 years ago

    o Mexico…… no creo realmente q haya desprecio simplemente olvido lastiam

  • poepflater 6 years ago

    @lonelygnome1 and cactus

  • livingdeadgirl2012 6 years ago

    Hmmm, that’s an interesting view, but I don’t think Bowie would cover a
    song if he thought that he couldn’t bring anything to it…And I like The

  • irshgrl500 6 years ago

    Sorry, Black Francis, NOT BLACK FRIAR-oooopppps

  • thewaronterror 6 years ago

    You know what, I’m so done with sarcasm. A compliment. Why clutter the
    world with sarcasm? Hey, I think I’m special too. 🙂

  • 39chevpickup 6 years ago

    @NoEndTree thanks for making my point . It is kind of funny you had to
    explain it.

  • CanadianChronic2121 6 years ago

    look at that fat fuck go!

  • thewaronterror 6 years ago

    Balls to Monty!

  • Vader12Tater12 6 years ago

    So true… they should be disappointed in themselves I probably woud have
    been in a coma from the sheers awesomeness

  • lumpofloight 6 years ago

    break your fucking v oice frank !! hjeuss

  • hxzxxl 6 years ago

    @BelialBasslines sound is invisible! (i can haz thumbs up?)

  • ledgerdeathshit 6 years ago

    Pixies are great. But i got to know this song by david. That’s why i prefer
    hi version.

  • irshgrl500 6 years ago

    Both the Pixies and Bowie do this song GREAT justice!

  • Lionel9965 6 years ago

    im glad the pixies reunited, but they definitely sounded better 20 years ago

  • thewaronterror 6 years ago

    Man. I just want to sit on warm grass and get a little stoned before the
    lights go out.