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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Fortnite Trolling Playlist – So Fortnite released a Cactus Skin called Prickly Patroller, So i decided to use it to troll a kid I met in playground by acting afk I ended up tricking him a few times and he would get really ANGRY. If you guys enjoy today’s video be sure to leave a LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for more funny Fortnite content. ————————————————- 💜 FOLLOW ME on Twitch – 👕 Merch – 🐦Twitter – 📸 Instagram – 👻 Snapchat – “InTrollsive” 😎 #UseCodeInTrollsive in the Fortnite Item Shop 💜 Discord Server – ✔️ Click here to Subscribe! – 📘 Facebook – ———————————————— P.O. Box – (P.O. 111134 Nashville, TN 37222) ———————————————— Want me to troll your friends? – ———————————————— Outro Music – ————————————————- – InTrollsive Video Rating: / 5


  • BemojiEmoji 4 months ago

    This actually made me laugh cuz… the other ones did not

  • BananaJimmy 4 months ago

    0:49 sweet song!

  • sebastian rod v 4 months ago

    Hey can u accept my friend request? My name is ArekuHunter the thing i want is to troll all those noobs with u

  • DarkSaber 212 4 months ago

    I’ll use your code it’s cool like u

  • Vape Ghoul 4 months ago

    Yo this kid is a actual bot

  • Leminis /Leminiscata 4 months ago

    ears of steel

  • Kendrick Roche Lanzot 4 months ago

    Stealth level: special forces

  • Major Griefer 4 months ago

    OMG he finally made the bed

  • Oscar Fortnite 4 months ago


  • Kaisar Sok Yes 4 months ago

    Wtf i hate kid now fack you

  • That kid is stupid

  • Photo Bombed 4 months ago

    Why do stupid kids always say that their better then the troller

  • kkodix shenshin 4 months ago

    Its crazy cuz he was so confident in the beginning then in the match he was so confused

  • Mary V Miotla 4 months ago

    Kid: "YoUr GeTtInG rEpOrTeD fOr KiLlInG" me: that's what your supposed to do

  • Willson Playz 4 months ago

    Kid:I'm gonna win watch
    Introllsive:*Camps with Cactus Skin*
    Kid:Can't see him

  • Selina Ahmed 4 months ago

    Wow ur channel died

  • RetRoP17 4 months ago

    I use ur code btw

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